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The Reform Express

The “Practical Politicians” Are Left by the Roadside

by Udo J. Keppler (1893)

reform express, the (1893)

Lazy Curator™ sez: A steam train named the Reform Express is helmed by Grover Cleveland and Walter Gresham (Sec’y of State). Shaking their fists at the train from ground level are David B. Hill, “Murphy,” “McLaughlin,” “Sheehan,” Henry Watterson, Charles A. Dana (bearing a knife marked “Spite”) and Richard Croker.

This image was featured on this Japanese steam engine site, erroneously credited as being from Judge.

The poor junior Keppler had clearly yet to step out of the shadow of his illustrious father. I suppose he had to wait for Dear Old Dad to kick the bucket before he could exert his own will and develop his own style. Isn’t that always the way?
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Pride Goeth Before Destruction

by J. S. Pughe (1900)

pride goeth before destruction (1900)

Richard “Boss” Croker of Tammany Hall, made to look like an inflated hot-air balloon, is attacked from behind by a man (David Hill?) bearing a javelin reading “N.Y. State Democracy.” Incidentally, for those wondering where my user icon comes from, wonder no more.

I hate to suggest that J. S. Pughe is a one-trick pony, considering the similarity of the above image to the last image I featured of his.

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