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Crowning the Successful

(Advertisement for Weber Pianos)

by Joseph Keppler (1876)

weber pianos ad (1877)

Image shows a grand piano atop a staircase, with sun rays emerging from the background and Columbia laying a laurel wreath on it. Cherubs bear shields, one reading “Tonal Exhibition United States Centennial.” A group of gentlemen and ladies have gathered round, many of them resembling famous musicians of the period (I definitely spot Offenbach and Liszt among the gathering).

I think this is only the third advertisement I have posted thus far, only the second actually from Puck’s pages. And both of those were ads for pianos!
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Wagner’s Zukunfts Music

by Joseph Keppler (1877)

wagner's zukunfts musik (1877)

Lazy Curator™ sez: On display, we see the Catophone, the Wire-Rake-Oloide, the Tin-Panium, the Sic-Em-Jackionette and the Porko Melodeon.

That last one is making me think of the Porkerina* from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and most of them make me think of the Mouse Organ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

In reality, Keppler was just ahead of his time in his prognostication of “anything can be a source of musical sound” philosophy of 20th Century experimental music.

Now where did I put that video of John Cage playing a cactus? Oh wait, here it is!

As a bonus: Frank Zappa plays a bicycle!

*The sound Joel Hodgson was referring to was actually produced by a bass harmonica.
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Self-portrait taken during the annual New Year’s General Shafter pilgrimage at the National Cemetery. I didn’t exactly miss it last year, but it was terribly delayed on account of construction. So I’m glad to have made it in timely fashion this year:

 photo IMG_20170104_105147_zpsnxk6z96s.jpg

Rather disappointed by my performance at the Half Moon Bay interview. I don’t think I did very well. I get the feeling I’m perceived as this clever B.S. artist who’s book smart but doesn’t have a lot of practical experience. Oh well, it was a nice trip out there, even if it was gray and drizzly.

I have another interview at the Franchise Tax Board (again!) in Sacramento next week. I was supposed to go down to Lake Perris for an interview this Wednesday, but that is so totally not happening for myriad reasons. We’ll see if Henry Cowell calls me back.

I did have the most remarkable thing happen to me this week. I went to the El Cerrito Recycling Center and wandered around their Exchange Zone. This used to be the Book Exchange, but people began dropping off more than just books (records, videotapes, toys, etc.). Anyway, I was just standing there, minding my own business, when someone who I insist must have been at least part ninja dropped something down right at my feet and ran off.

Tascam 302

That, my friends, is a Tascam 302 dual cassette deck. Now, I’ve been combing the thrift stores for a replacement for my ailing Pioneer CT-W300 for a while now, but I absolutely never expected to find something so high-end for free! I tested it at the test plug using a L’oiseau Lyre Bach cassette someone had left, and all the functions seemed to check out (though I was unable to check out the sound, lacking headphones). In the meantime, a guy was hovering over me, forced to wipe the drool from his chin.

Took it home and tested it out, this time with headphones. And yes, it really works! The sacrificial cassette was You’re All I Need, a 1988 EMI Manhattan release from former Labelle vocalist Sarah Dash. In fact, the title song is a duet with her ex-groupmate Patti LaBelle. Rather appropriately, I found this cassette as a freebie a couple of years back at the exact same location!
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Major-General Progbear made his annual public appearance in the city of Berkeley yesterday:

 photo IMG_20161031_180831_zpsn6ob8jpl.jpg

I need new shoes. The so-called “Crazy Cat Lady Shoes” I’ve been wearing to work have been reduced to the consistency of Swiss cheese, and that’s no good for the rainy season. I need new work gloves as well, they gave my hands unfortunate “wet dog smell” all last week. The rain brings with it another set of issues, namely the whole “how are you going to fill up an entire day with work with less people visiting the park?” problem. Not so much an issue with one of the sewer vaults going on the fritz, needing to do work on the trench out on the residence road in preparation for the paving company (which are finally coming to fill in the hole this week) and a cross-country race up near the campground all at the same time.

Haven’t done too much on Second Hand Goods of late, I need to remedy that. 1964 is a weird year; after the first rush of Beatlemania, it descends into alternating classics and utter crap. Like I said, weird.


Oct. 26th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Self-portrait from Berkeley’s Urban Ore:

 photo IMG_20161025_142620_zpscrcmuzkg.jpg

Dropped another application for a job out in Half Moon Bay. This is another one for “skilled laborer” that pays a living wage, and “may” come with state housing. I spoke with a lady in HMB before I was offered the China Camp job, and I think that housing might be in Butano, half an hour south of HMB. Some place to pitch my tent while looking/saving up for a place in HMB itself. Or at least somewhere closer. I’ve been super-spoiled by living somewhere across the road from where I work for the past six months.

Kind of an annoying week at work. There was a triathlon blocking off the road for a good part of the day on Saturday and Sunday. The organizers of the event hadn’t bothered to let anyone at our park know. I even drove down to McNears Beach, where the event was being held, and they didn’t seem to know what was going on. Apparently this is an annual thing and apparently the organizers never let anyone know their intentions.

Spent Tuesday in the company of [ profile] albadger. Somehow, we wound up watching about half an hour’s worth of live performances of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Al had never even heard of her before and was absolutely entranced by her guitar playing.
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Self-portrait from Kennedy Grove, in the hills above San Pablo Reservoir:

 photo IMG_20161011_152201_zps3huszjnx.jpg

The gears are turning. Haven’t sent my applications in yet, but that’ll be happening hopefully tomorrow. The prospect of full-time employment with a living wage is exciting, moving to a new place is also exciting yet scary. In the meantime...

People visiting the park just don’t want to let summer end! We had two weddings last week, plus a foot-race and a bunch of people going bonkers in the campground. Somehow, I still managed to get other work done (painted some fence-posts, excavated some culverts in preparation for the rainy season, etc.) despite all this. It’s beginning to take its toll on me, though. For some reason, this past week was more stressful than usual.

Plugging along with my music review series. I’d like to get back to work on Confirmed Bachelors, but my current scheduling doesn’t really allow for it. In the meantime, check out this promotional video, which is now a year old.
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Self-portrait from the end of Tomales Point!

 photo IMG_20160917_124354_zpspr3e7c69.jpg

I worked Thursday and Friday, the rest of the past week has been all vacation days. I’ve been doing like my last week at Big Basin, using the park residence as a base for operations for hiking day trips. Tomales Point has been on my personal “bucket list” for a long time so, after an abortive trip here back in April of 2008 (when it was much sunnier than my day here, but the ice-cold ocean wind was so punishing, it felt like my ears would fall off!), it’s nice to finally get all the way to the end of the point. Totally worth it!

Also went out to Tennessee Cove south of Mill Valley, and on a picnic trip out to the Pulgas Water Temple with [ profile] bigjohnsf. Tonight I’ll be taking Carol out to dinner and tomorrow? I haven’t decided just yet. Maybe up to the top of Mt. Burdell if weather permits (i.e.: if it’s not too hot). Then back to the grind on Thursday. In the meantime, checking in on J___’s cat while he’s off at training. I still have yet to see the fabled cat, but I know he’s there, as evidenced by the empty cat food dish and disturbed cat litter box.

Got a lot of work done on my Second Hand Goods review series of all the #2 hits. Which you can read at my other blog. And in other computer news, R.I.P. my old laptop bag. It had begun to fray near where the shoulder strap connects, so it was only a matter of time before critical failure. I found a new one at Thrift Town that works for me, so at only $4, I jumped at the chance to get it.

The main problem with the old one was that it was emblazoned with the logo Andersen Consulting. The new one is an Intel bag, which I find ironic and funny, as my laptop has an AMD processor!
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Self-portrait from China Camp park housing:

 photo IMG_20160808_162140_zpsutkgr50d.jpg

The chief purpose of this image is to show off the new sleeping bag (Well, new to me, I’ll get to that). The old one, which I believe was a cheap one my dad bought (it wasn’t mine, it was just one I picked up for an emergency situation), had a critical zipper failure. And it was nylon and there is no coming back from a broken nylon zipper! I actually got stuck in it once last season, and wound up tearing a big section of the fabric trying to free myself. So, good riddance to bad rubbish!

The new one isn’t anything great, it’s all polyester, but I found it at the thrift store for cheap. And it does have a zippered pocket. I haven’t found a use for said pocket yet, but I may in the future.

It would be lovely to use said sleeping bag at some campsite. I’m planning on taking some time off in September and would like to go camping for a couple of days. Seeing happy campers every day has me thinking, “I want to do that, too!” Thinking I might need to go into more preparation. My plans for Cave Lake are definitely not happening, not until they repair the water system!

Wound up in Fairfax again doing laundry. I had to wash the new sleeping bag in addition to my usual load of laundry. As I’ve previously stated, it’s worth the slightly longer drive for cheaper washing/drying and a better class of laundromat-mates. That didn’t sound too snobby, did it?

I had to do laundry a bit early because [ profile] hardybear was available for dinner on Saturday (my usual laundry day), and that’s a rarity. Little did I know that [ profile] albadger would be arriving with Carol (his friend, not my stepmother) in tow, another rarity. We dined with [ profile] bigjohnsf at the Fuddrucker’s in Emeryville.

Getting new tires for Chester in the morning. The front tires are all worn down and didn’t pass the “penny test.” I wanted to get new tires today, but the place I go for tires didn’t have them in stock and had to order them. I’m not driving all the way to Folsom (remember that State test I told you about?) on two worn-down tires!

My soundtrack for this posting. This song came on just before I started to compose it, and it’s one of those tunes where I just have to let it play through from beginning to end, basking in the musical bliss. The piano playing especially just moves me.
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Self-portrait from outside the El Sobrante library. I swear I own other shirts!

 photo IMG_20160718_181635_zps0qphzkle.jpg

So, there’s currently a huge, gaping hole outside my park residence, in between it and the maintenance shop. You see, the hydrant outside the shop developed a leak, and we had to draft workers from other parks to fix it. Which involved a back-hoe. And now there’s a direct link to the Underworld in my yard. Driving to and from my residence has become an adventure. It’ll be even more of one if they wind up needing to excavate even closer to the shop, which I suspect they will. Which will involve parking down the way and carrying stuff to and from the shop/my residence. Not looking forward to that!

Currently up to 1956 in my #2 hits review series, Second Hand Goods. I was kind of hoping to burn through the 1950s as fast as possible, but it’s proving more enjoyable than I had expected. Apparently, it’s 1959-1963 that I really need to beware. We’ll see.
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Self-portrait from the town of Fairfax

 photo 16 - 1_zpsl6zxrd97.jpg

If I look a bit forlorn in the above photo, it’s because it was one of the last photos snapped with the beloved Nexus 4 that [ profile] albadger gave me. I dropped it in a fish pond minutes before. A half-hour later, some of the water finally worked its way into the innards of the phone and bricked it.

A moment of silence for the Nexus 4.

I’m currently back to using the hated LG Optimus L9, which is a terrible phone. I was spoiled by six-seven months of the Nexus. On the plus side, sort of, I impulse bought a refurbished Nexus 5 off of Amazon Marketplace. It should be on my doorstep in a week or so. It can’t get here fast enough.

Survived another week at work. For the first three days of the week, I was the only maintenance staff on duty. Friday afternoon I found a literal shit-bag on the side of the road. As in, a bag filled with shit. There may have been more than that in it, it was pretty heavy. I’m guessing...dead animal? I wasn’t about to look inside. They don’t pay me enough to peer into mysterious bags that reek of feces. They couldn’t pay me enough to do that!

I told myself, “it can’t get any worse than this. Please don’t let it get any worse than this!”

Unless you count the inconsiderate park visitors who crammed unused bags of ice into one of the trash bags, weighing it down so much that I couldn’t lift it, it never did get any worse. So that was a relief.

Sorry, I owe you two Weekly Pucks this week. Completely spaced out on doing one last week. In the meantime, check out my new blog feature: Second Hand Goods.
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Self-portrait from FairFix Café in Fairfax:

 photo IMG_20160219_160228_zpsus9ptgea.jpg

I wound up in Fairfax after a job interview on Friday at Oompaloompa Olompali State Park. It was less a job interview, more a discussion of terms and shooting the breeze about other parks I worked at. Because this is to be my fourth season at Parks, I actually have some leverage, which is not something I’ve ever experienced before. I’m expecting a call from someone in Marin County over the next two weeks. My preference is for China Camp, right across the Bay, so everyone please cross your fingers for me!

Also cross your fingers for the Major-General Progbear coat. I took it down to the cleaners this afternoon and the lady there told me it had Stage 3 mildew. To give you an idea how serious that is, Stage 4 is “decide whether you want to throw it away, or burn it.” I pick it up on Friday, hopefully it can be saved.

The coolest thing to happen last week was a thrift store find: an M-Audio Keystation 49e controller. One of the reasons I bought this new laptop was to make music, but I never got around to getting a controller (financial reasons, mostly). I had wanted one of M-Audio’s 88-key controllers, but this just fell into my lap for all of $10, and who can say no to that! My Roland digital piano (given to me by [ profile] dhpbear is in storage, and has several dead keys, as is my (non-functional, last I checked) ARP Odyssey. The only thing I had available was the crappy Casio MT-100, so it’s nice to play some real sounds on a keyboard with full-sized keys. Suddenly I feel so professional! Not only did I download a free piano VST, but also emulations for a subtractive synth, a Hammond organ and a Mellotron. “No man should be granted such power,” I could be heard to quip.
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Self-portrait from my favourite weekend haunt, Berkeley Espresso:

 photo WIN_20160108_17_50_34_Pro_zpsnkhths5t.jpg

The death of David Bowie shook me more than I expected it to. Precisely because it was so unexpected. I knew about his current project Black Star from others discussing it, but I had no idea it would wind up being his epitaph. Here’s the post I made on Other Social Media™:

Well, this news strikes me as a little surreal. Not to make it sound dumb and fawning, but David Bowie sort of felt like a kind of unearthly being who greeted we mere mortals with his hyper-real presence. Having him be dead just doesn’t seem like something that could have been possible.

Regrettably, the only album I’ve ever owned by him is the
Space Oddity (Man of Words, Man of Music) album, the Ryko release on deluxe clear virgin vinyl, with a second one-sided disc of bonus tracks. I definitely appreciated him throughout his career, and had a fondness for his music through most of his phases. I especially appreciated his integrity; he always followed his own muse rather than hanging his coat on the latest trends, and still managed to be commercially successful from beginning to end somehow.

Here’s a song I’ve always enjoyed by him. Hopefully, you will, too:

Went to see the new Star Wars film with [ profile] albadger over the weekend. Mild spoilers behind the cut )
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This week’s self-portrait from the streets of San Francisco:

 photo CAM01303_zps4voznkmo.jpg

As you can see from the above image, I turned up at Dore Alley. Too late to have fun or anything, but I was there. Lesson learned: don’t bother unless you have the day off and can show up when people are still around.

Progress on Confirmed Bachelors is happening in exciting ways. More episode ideas, including some partially-written stuff and a tentative episode guide. I’ll be making a new update video soon, so watch my video page, and I’m making tentative plans for concept art for a new FB page for the series proper. Also working on a promo video with me playing both Charlie and Oliver. More on these things as they develop.

Finished playing though the entirety of my collection this week (more or less randomly). It went like this:

  • First song played: “Bang, en boomerang” by Svenne & Lotta, 9/3/2014, 7:43 PM

  • First album played: Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen by Anders Koppel, 9/3/2014 7:46 PM

  • Last song played: “Sì” by Gigliola Cinquetti, 7/25/2015, 1:52 AM

  • Last album played: Duke by Genesis, 7/25/2015, 12:32 AM

  • Funnily enough, with the new playlist started, Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen was the fifth album played! Anders Koppel was the keyboard player from the Danish band Savage Rose, and this 1977 album is the soundtrack to a Danish film called Aftenlandet (English title: Evening Land). From IMDB: “Made with a cast of 192 non-professional actors, Evening Land continues to explore the form of fictional documentary intervening polemically into a period of intense debates about the media, worker militancy, terrorism and the anti-nuclear movement.” Sounds very 1970s and very Danish. Amazingly, the soundtrack album is now on Spotify!
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    This week’s self-portrait from the Carquinez Bridge:

     photo CAM00961_zpsa7d1b9ea.jpg

    I suppose you could say my foot-crossing of one of the Bay Area’s least appreciated bridges was the highlight of my week. I had made the trip northwards to Vallejo initially to browse their surplus store on Virginia Street. I’m planning on attending the Dickens Fair this coming Sunday (anyone care to join me?) and I need to decide if I want to repair the Thrift Town pants I used on Halloween (the button came off when I took them off for laundering after a party on the 1st, and I haven’t been able to find it in the chaotic pit I call a bedroom) or splurge for a new pair of 13-button “crackerjacks” (which they didn’t have in Vallejo).

    I feel bad for “shopping” on the 28th, but I saw some CDs I just had to have. So sue me. Saturday, there was a Cal game and I did not feel like braving the throngs of football fans in Berserkeley, so I went to the café in Pinole and enjoyed some live jazz instead. I think I made the right choice.
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    This week’s self-portrait from Pinole’s Bayfront Park:

     photo CAM00875_zps7c11355a.jpg

    Still in the market for a new car. Looking mostly at “certified pre-owned” and rental returns. As much as I’m worried about Youko, I want to put this off as much as possible, as I’m still rather flush with money at the moment, for the first time in a very long time, and there are still a lot of “little” purchases I’d like to make before going into the cash-bleed that is paying for a car. First of all, I still could use a nice, new flat-screen TV to replace the long-suffering Zenith CRT. Also, now that I have a nice new laptop with a quad-core processor, I could resume doing music. But to do that, I need to get another stick of memory, a copy of Reason and some kind of keyboard (probably one of those M-Audio 88-key controllers). Plus that Cowon X7, if I can ever find one actually for sale at any price, and maybe a new desktop PC (like the last one, it would be built from parts by me).

    That said, I’d like to get to a dealership and test-drive at least within the next month or so.

    It’s that time at work. All the kids are back at school, so the park only comes alive during the weekends. There’s functional tumbleweeds blowing through the rest of the week. Also, work-mates are going away. C____, who’s been there ever since I started working there, came to the end of her season on Saturday. And since she passed her Worker 1 certification test, that means she’s eligible for a permanent position with a fat pay-raise. But there’s no guarantee that she’ll be picked up by Big Basin (since she applied for several parks), so it may be “goodbye” for good (Well, since I’m very likely to be back in Marin District next season, it’s probably for good anyway). S___ leaves us to go back to school in another two weeks, and B_____ said she doesn’t even know if she’s on the October schedule at all (We don’t get our schedules for the following month until the last week of the month. I hope they keep her at least until after Columbus Day, as that’s the last big weekend usually, and she’s proven very valuable as a worker). My boss said he wanted to keep me until November at least, so I’m not certain if they’ll be keeping me to the very end of my season (January 10th, I believe), but I kind of hope so, just so it shows me working the full season. In any case, by the actual D-Day (October 27th, that’s the day most of the campgrounds and ALL of the trail camps close entirely for the season), we’re sure to be down to just two maintenance aides.

    RE: shopping. I’ve been doing all my grocery shopping for the week in the South Bay before proceeding over the mountains to my park housing. One of my must-stop places is Grocery Outlet, which seems to be where old brands go to die. I have found products made by Granny Goose, Cragmont, Lady Lee and others there, names I thought had long since been retired. Still no Laura Scudder’s Wampum, though. I did, however, buy a 3-pack of Pears Soap, which I admit I got because a) it was advertised in the back of Puck and b) Andrew Pears was a hawt Victorian daddybear. But it also smells great and lathers up nice. And comes in a clear wrapper that makes toting it from cabin to shower convenient.

    Speaking of “toting from cabin to shower,” I had an annoying accident last week, when I reached into my toiletry bag and found it covered in slimy goo. It turns out I forgot to re-close my shampoo bottle before dropping it into my bag after taking a shower. Oops! No big deal, I just rinsed all the items off, dropped them into another bag and threw the offending bag (one of my old Fiesta de los Osos totes) into the dirty laundry pile.
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    Self-portrait from Hayward Bear Pizza:

     photo CAM00856_zpse9cb0f1f.jpg

    What an odd week I’ve had! My body kept threatening me with a cold. It never really “took,” thank the gods, but it still has me coughing a bit. “Weird” because I seemed to experience the symptoms out of order. Didn’t need to miss any work but, of course, I wound up working late on Sunday. Why is it always on “my Friday” that everything gets crazy?

    Bear Pizza was surprisingly fun and lively. Last month’s was sparsely attended and I considered not even showing up this month. But I went anyway and had a blast. It was a couples-fest as usual—I’ve pretty much given up any pretense of finding my future husband at this event—but lots of fun conversing with folks. Some were playing a cell-phone game kind of like $25,000 Pyramid which involves sticking the phone on your forehead. This had me blurting out the name “Henry Polic II.” What orifice did I yank that one out of?

    Adjusting to my new MP3 player. The sound quality is so much better than the Zune it’s not even funny. I can max out its internal volume and plug it into the car stereo with zero distortion, even with the stereo at full-blast, too. The Zune’s internal volume maxed out at 20, and if I had it any higher than 13 I’d get distortion and clipping through the Aux In. On the other hand, one function the Zune had that I wish the Walkman did: some kind of “play me next” feature. I am also unable to customize my background with personal wallpaper. Less important, but the screen is also less sharp than the Zune’s. But sound quality and storage (16GB as opposed to 8GB) counts for a lot.

    I owe you two Weekly Pucks this week. Sorry for being flaky on that point.
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    Self-portrait from Fernandez Park in Pinole. Pardon my hair, it was a bit windy:

     photo CAM00846_zpseaee7f82.jpg

    So my MP3 player is finally beginning to bite the dust. It’s a 8 GB Microsoft Zune, and as one of the most-loathed MP3 players ever, it actually served me well for over 6 years. The D-pad completely conked out on me yesterday. It came back on today, but in the interest of reliability, I had to get a new one. The one I want is a 160 GB open source player, the Cowon X7, but it seems to be available nowhere at any price. The one I wound up getting (as a stopgap) is a 16 GB Sony Walkman. It uses mini-USB! How quaint!

    I’m this close to getting a new laptop. I saw one today that I like at the Best Buy where I got the Walkman. I want to do a bit of research and maybe wait for the next paycheck to sail in but I’m nearly there.
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    Nocturnal self-portrait from the streets of Berserkeley:

     photo CAM00474_zps2b0007af.jpg

    An extremely sad week...

    Francesco di Giacomo, lead singer of the Italian band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, died on Friday in a car accident. He was 66. He remains one of my favourite singers of all time. I remember buying the 1975 Manticore release back in 1991 (one of my first purchases from the then-new Amoeba Records), which I admit to buying for its cover, and absolutely falling in love with the album’s contents. I never, ever thought I’d see them live, but in 2000 I did indeed see them in concert in L.A. When Francesco took the stage to sing the climactic part in “Metamorfosi,” I was actually moved to tears.

    Then, this morning, I discovered this...

    Video behind the cut )

    It seems Bernd “Nossi” Noske, lead singer and drummer of the German hard rock/progressive band Birth Control also passed away. They were another band I have long been a fan of, and I think Nossi was one of the more underrated hard rock singers out there, so his is another great loss.

    On to less depressing news: [ profile] albadger and I finally got round to trying out Saturn Café, a sort of vegetarian comfort-food place made to look like a 50s diner. It was good!
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    This week’s self-portrait from [say it with me, folks] Boring Old Wildcat™:

     photo CAM00368_zps6590fe5d.jpg

    The sudden late fall chill this past week inspired me to rummage through piles of clothes to find my union suit. It was all about the layering this weekend. I know lots of folks like them, so over the next couple of weeks I need to get a self-portrait of me wearing it.

    Of late, I’ve grown quite fond of Cartoon Network’s latest offering, Steven Universe. As has been pointed out elsewhere, this is their first series created by a woman, Rebecca Sugar, who was a head writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time. It almost feels like the Zen mirror image of AT, with young Steven gradually discovering his powers, offering plenty of time for character development. The character design is cute, suggesting 70s-vintage anime like Lupin III, Cutey Honey or even Doraemon. The backgrounds are frequently stunning, most notably in the episode where they visit the crumbling aquatic temple. The show has lots of promise and I really like where it’s going, it charmed me from the very start.

    [ profile] albadger invited me out on Friday to go see a drag stage revue of old episodes of The Golden Girls. As an extremely casual GG viewer, I wasn’t terribly familiar with the material but this is one of those cases where familiarity isn’t really an issue. It was lots of fun and all (they threw in audio from vintage 80s/90s commercials in the scene changes) but...did the writing on The Golden Girls strike anyone else as...kind of formulaic? Sorry folks, I call ’em like I see ’em.

    I apologize for the new Movie Explorer review’s outstanding delay but things are starting to come together. If I buckle down and write, write, write, I could have it ready for taping by Friday. We’ll see... In the near future, there may be a live Q&A session and perhaps even a Fans Pick the Next Theme Month votey...thingy. Again, we’ll see.

    I’m also preparing my Prog 2013 review series after flaking out on it for the past couple of years, so watch this space!
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    New Aural Report review for Godley & Creme’s triple concept album Consequences. I was having a bad hair day, clearly.

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