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Self-portrait from Crockett Hills, displaying my hair fresh with henna:

 photo IMG_20170403_131806_zpspdo3394i.jpg

Well, it’s finally over. Livejournal, I mean. I gave them fourteen years of my life, but that appears to be all in the past. Doing all my journaling here from now on, and no longer cross-posting. I’ll be deleting my LJ ere long, or at least “sensitive” posts. Don’t know if I’ll keep up with the weekly self-portraits thing. The Weekly Puck, which I just updated, is still going strong.

I have to say, I don’t feel that Dreamwidth has the community that LJ did. I mean, people do this “granting access” thing, but I can’t find a way to read their posts apart from actually clicking on their name to read all their posts at once. Am I missing something? I know that DW is not LJ, but I feel there must be something obvious I’m overlooking. Apart from that, it kind of feels like shouting into Outer Space. There’s something disappointingly lacking in communication about DW, at least that I have seen so far. Writing with no audience isn’t terribly satisfying.
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More random thoughts, connected by bullet points. This post is overdue. I hope I get a good grade anyways:

  • [ profile] fatbadjah has made a post I think you all should read. Puts it better than I ever could have. GO NOW!

  • Speaking of [ profile] fatbadjah, I feel like I ought to curse him for introducing me to Rose and Camellia. I can’t decide whether it’s horrifically sexist, totally brilliant, or a combination of both. Whatever. It’s horribly addictive!

  • A much nicer discovery, Patrick and Eugene, who seem to be a retro throwback to early 1970’s folky Britpop, in looks as well as sound. Both I’d consider very, very good things. Discovered via [ profile] urso, who offered this post about them.

  • I’m so out of it. I’ve never seen a single episode of Heroes. I don’t even know the premise.

  • Forgot to offer youse guys a heads-up on Bear Game Night, which was last night. I did manage to coax [ profile] albadger to attend, and also was delighted by the presence of [ profile] fogbear, [ profile] putzmeisterbear and any number of just as delightful non-LJ bears. Sometimes it’s more fun just to watch folks playing Scrabble™ than it is to actually play. Seriously.

  • I really did want to do a long, [ profile] fj-inspired post about What To Wear For Street Fair Season. I still intend to do it, but I did wanna do it before Dore Alley, and I guess it’s too late now. Oh well, looks like the hippie Fidel Castro look again. It seemed to work before!
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