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Self-portrait from Kaleidoscope Café in Point Richmond:

 photo WIN_20170219_18_24_56_Pro_zpsapikbwqq.jpg

I caught a bit of a cold this past week, so have been feeling a little under the weather. On the plus side, [personal profile] albadger took me out for Chinese food (including some much-needed hot & sour soup), then I got him caught up on Steven Universe.

Annoying non-illness thing that happened this week: I thought my Nexus 5 had bricked. It got stuck in a kind of loop trying to power up but would keep resetting itself. I found that the solution was just to hammer on the power button over and over until it rebooted properly. Nice to know there’s a cure, just hoping I don’t have to do it again. The half-hour of using the Optimus L9 was virtually torture.
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Self-portrait outside of Val’s in Hayward, with [ profile] ednixon:

 photo CAM01253_zpsrhylxxxj.jpg

As you can see, sort of, Thursday afternoon going back down to Big Basin turned into a sort of large lunchtime gathering at Val’s, with visiting-from-out-of-town Frank plus [ profile] albadger, [ profile] bigjohnsf, Jim Billy & Harvey (both not on LJ). That was a nice surprise, and unexpected.

Had to take a half-day on Tuesday as I fell victim to the dreaded “barometric pressure headache.” Chugging my morning coffee didn’t help, eating a banana and popping an Advil didn’t help, the only cure was to leave work and lie down for a few hours. Ugh! At least I have some sick leave stashed away.

Had to skip hiking on Wednesday as weather did not permit. The rain (blown up from a tropical storm over the Gulf of California, it seems, accounting for the North Carolina-esque weather) came as a total surprise. It seems to have been a week of surprises. I made up for the lack of hiking on my day off by going on an early evening hike up Slippery Rock on my way back to my park housing after doing laundry.

Oddest thing I’ve said this week: “Tonight’s meal may contain trace amounts of fried moth.”


Apr. 20th, 2015 06:31 pm
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Another photo from outside the park housing, this one on the path to the trail camp:

 photo CAM01167_zps05lkuwmp.jpg

Little to report this week. Mostly just work, work, work. I think I got a case of mild food poisoning on my day off. And by “mild,” I really mean, “oh my God, my anus is on fire! But hey, at least I’m not puking!”

Apart from multiple sightings of interesting insects while doing my daily rounds, there’s little else to say. Laptop is still working fine (knock on wood). I hope next week brings more interesting things to tell you about.

Jeannie No

Mar. 23rd, 2015 06:25 pm
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Self-portrait from the Scotts Valley Library, from whence I am composing this post:

 photo CAM01122_zpswgebp0hf.jpg

Wow, where to begin? Lots to talk about, so let’s not waste any time.

First off: I am back at work down in Big Basin. Tuesday I moved back into my park housing. At least I dropped off my belongings. I wound up taking my old unit, after peeping into the alternates and seeing how filthy they turned out to be. Also: I am the first to move into the park housing at the start of the season, so I get to see how horribly the units turn during the winter. The main point: I will be doing no baking in the oven until it gets into a better state. Opening the door revealed globs of mold on the grill and piles of who knows what down below. A______ (my supervisor) has said there is a possibility of giving me a new stove altogether, something I’d not say no to. [ profile] albadger’s microwave has been a godsend, as has the secondhand convection toaster oven I picked up.

Oh, and it turns out that after plopping off my belongings, I...went straight back home! Because Wednesday and Thursday are my days off this season. Friends have been trying to put a sunny face on it but there’s no way around it in my eyes: these days off suck! And I couldn’t even enjoy them this time, as the cold I said I was getting over? I wasn’t quite over it, actually. I was even running a fever both nights, and spent most of Wednesday just lying in bed resting up.

Now for the good news: the General Miles (Toshiba) laptop has been repaired. The bad news, I’m still composing this from the Craptop. I was unable to pick up my laptop, since it’s at the Best Buy near my home and I’m down here in the woods a hundred miles away. So Carol picked it up for me and it’s waiting for me on my bed. I’ll pick it up Tuesday nite.

They said that they swapped out the motherboard and I suspected it got fried. Hopefully there was no data loss. If this image greets me when I fire it up, I’ll know everything is peachy.

So...that’s kind of where I am right now. I’m still in “adjustment” mode, hoping I adapt to my new situation OK. We’ll see where this goes...
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Self-portrait from Hayward Bear Pizza:

 photo CAM00856_zpse9cb0f1f.jpg

What an odd week I’ve had! My body kept threatening me with a cold. It never really “took,” thank the gods, but it still has me coughing a bit. “Weird” because I seemed to experience the symptoms out of order. Didn’t need to miss any work but, of course, I wound up working late on Sunday. Why is it always on “my Friday” that everything gets crazy?

Bear Pizza was surprisingly fun and lively. Last month’s was sparsely attended and I considered not even showing up this month. But I went anyway and had a blast. It was a couples-fest as usual—I’ve pretty much given up any pretense of finding my future husband at this event—but lots of fun conversing with folks. Some were playing a cell-phone game kind of like $25,000 Pyramid which involves sticking the phone on your forehead. This had me blurting out the name “Henry Polic II.” What orifice did I yank that one out of?

Adjusting to my new MP3 player. The sound quality is so much better than the Zune it’s not even funny. I can max out its internal volume and plug it into the car stereo with zero distortion, even with the stereo at full-blast, too. The Zune’s internal volume maxed out at 20, and if I had it any higher than 13 I’d get distortion and clipping through the Aux In. On the other hand, one function the Zune had that I wish the Walkman did: some kind of “play me next” feature. I am also unable to customize my background with personal wallpaper. Less important, but the screen is also less sharp than the Zune’s. But sound quality and storage (16GB as opposed to 8GB) counts for a lot.

I owe you two Weekly Pucks this week. Sorry for being flaky on that point.
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Self-portrait ta’en in the secluded Broken Oaks section of Sobrante Ridge Regional Park:

 photo CAM00148_zpsa5470b37.jpg

I’d planned on updating yesterday, but I was feeling migraine-y and queasy. I also had self-portraits of me lying around in bed looking miserable, but you people deserved better.

Still waiting on the announcement when I can come in to work on the island. I had to e-mail a scan of the form I filled out for my fingerprinting. I hope that’s enough. Even though I basically have the job, it doesn’t feel like I do, and I keep waiting for the announcement that I haven’t actually got it. The delay meant I couldn’t pay as much of my credit card bill as I would have liked. Sigh. Stupid red tape. Even with the job, September is going to be a lean month! Particularly as I have to dump a ton of money on clothes even before I start work.

Speaking of delays, my new Movie Explorer review would have been done by now if it weren’t for annoying technical issues involving video with glitchy audio. Transcoding and re-transcoding meant that I lost two valuable days of editing. Again, you people deserve better. Hoping it will be up before Friday, cross your fingers, internet’s not as reliable here as it should be. I’m considering getting a new and better wireless router.

And still on the subject of new purchases, the old coffee machine (a Kenmore! I had no idea they made coffee machines!) finally crapped out, so I’m considering an upgrade. The only advantage the Kenmore had over the old Black & Decker was that the heating element shut off automatically. As a coffee fiend, I definitely will not be following the advice of my sister (“Get something cheap!”), who’s happy with her pre-ground Keurig coffee pods. It looks like it’s between the Cuisinart and the more expensive Bunn. Definitely not the Hamilton-Beach $20 special from Bloodbath & Beyond, which would definitely be a trade-down (apparently, it’s another where you have to turn off the hot plate manually).
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Self-portrait from boring old Point Pinole.

Boring old Point Pinole

No exciting, exotic hikes this week. Barely any hiking at all. I was busy getting the April Fool’s special video up (which I had wanted to do a year ago, actually, but one of the worst cases of flu in my life stopped me). And having a bit of a cold. Fortunately, some friends ([ profile] albadger, [ profile] bigjohnsf and [ profile] ednixon) lifted my spirits this weekend.
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Trying something different with the self-portrait this week: shooting a short video and drawing stills from it:


This Friday, [ profile] albadger invited me to the movies. Cinematic mini-rant behind the cut )

Actually, another good thing came out of this: Al laid down another instance of “Boss voice” for the upcoming Movie Explorer video. And it was brilliant! It is such a pleasure to work with an actor who knows how to take direction, it makes me feel like a for-real director.

I was considering attending the Bear Pizza Dublin Tuesday Event...until I saw the stratospheric prices of the place where they hold it. Yikes! Not till I get a high paying job, fellas!
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I’m not really pleased with any of the self-portraits I shot in Tucson, but here you go anyway:

Poolside, in Tucson

I wanted to make a big post all about my Fiesta 2013 experience, but suffice to say it was a blast. And fulfilling, as I volunteered several hours of my time to the event. I caught a bit of crud, too, which made it a bit difficult but it turned out to be mild and nothing too serious. Working the hospitality suite on Saturday definitely helped a good deal, as I had all-day access to fluids to chug down and flush the nasty germs out of my system. Incidentally, I know exactly who infected me and yes, it was totally worth it. *wink*

(Please don’t take that previous sentence out of context)

I wish I could have a big list of all the people to thank for my fantastic experience here, but suffice to say I’m overjoyed I got to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Thanks to all!

My current status behind the cut )

Looking to start up the new Movie Explorer episode once I get back home; haven’t even screened the movie yet!

And yes, I owe you two Weekly Pucks this week. Give me a break, I’ve been busy!
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Lazy man’s self-portrait, from my bed. I was going to rotate this one, but I kind of like the way it looks as is.


Had a teensy bit of a cold on Thursday but it didn’t do much apart from give me a headache and increase my Kleenex™ usage temporarily.

I’d planned on going to the Eagle in Exile event on Sunday, as there were folks I wanted to run into attending, but I was on such a roll with the new Movie Explorer/Fairy Tale Matinée video, I didn’t want to break my activity streak. In case you haven’t watched it yet, it’s done and up now.

That’s “Season 1” done then. I’m going to work on Season 2 right away but I insist there be changes. First of all, I need a change of video editing software, as WMM truly does not cut it. When I saw how the overlay looked in this video I thought it was totally deplorable. I was hoping for something open-source, but it looks like I’ll need to make a small investment which is OK. I just want the videos to look as good as they can within my means. Being able to do multiple audio streams and overlays all on one program will be a plus, as will not needing to transcode the videos from the camera.
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Errol B. Ohman

My father died at 10:25 PM this evening after a five year battle with colon cancer. Thanks to the efforts of Liz (my sister) he was visited by many of his closest friends and family (his brother Jeff spent most of the day with him) before he passed on.

He’s in a better place now. He was always a very strong soul and hated people seeing him in a state of weakness. It’s sad that he’s gone but I am also relieved that his suffering has passed.
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This week’s self-portrait from Hilltop Lake Park:

Lakeside Park

Because this park is adjacent to Richmond’s YMCA, there’s lots of sporty, energetic people at this park. I was feeling neither particularly sporty nor particularly energetic. But this park was small-ish and had flat terrain which was OK for someone trying to get back on that horse. Baby steps, baby steps.

While I’m gradually getting my strength, energy and appetite back, my coughing got so bad that I had to go on the “hard stuff” (codeine cough syrup). It doesn’t seem to be stopping the coughing but it makes it less severe and common.

I’ll try to get the new Movie Explorer/Fairy Tale Matinée episode taped this week (pending [ profile] dhpbear schedule availability). I need to decide which film to review next (the one in the queue may be too horrifying to consider so soon after a serious illness).
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My attempt at looking marginally presentable:


This past week has been MISERABLE! I promise myself every year I’ll get a flu shot but don’t do it with the rationalization, “oh well, I never get the flu anyway.” Well, this week the flu totally bit me in the butt. I was so weak the past two days I could barely budge from my bed. Today was mainly spent in a state of aching torpor watching episodes of Regular Show.

I’m really, really tired of being sick. I have a new Movie Explorer review script in the can, but I don’t see myself actually taping it till next week at the soonest.

Bad feeling

Jan. 5th, 2012 11:01 pm
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Ick! For some reason or other, I was feeling absolutely terrible today; bad headache and nausea. I’m better now but it feels like I wasted a whole day.
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The last 2011 self-portrait posted in 2011: me on Boxing Day on the street in Berserkeley:

I guess I was a naughty boy this year, as Santa gave me the creeping crud for Xmas. On the plus side, judicious applications of echinacea and guaifenesin ensured I didn’t completely cough my lungs up. Today, my sinuses are pretty much dried up. I’ve also become well-acquainted with the taste of Ny-Quil™. I feel like I ought to transform into Mr. Hyde after each time I drink that stuff. The bottle says “Tastes better than ever!” which is a bloody lie...unless they meant, “Tastes better than licking a dead dog’s ass!” which is probably technically true.

On the plus side, I did have a hot date earlier on in the week, and that was cool.

Movie Explorer update: I had projected having the new episode (code name, The No-No) up today. It’s looking more like tomorrow at the soonest. If I really, really buckle down I can finish it and have the script for the next episode done by Monday-ish, meaning I could probably have the next episode taped by next week. Hopefully New Year’s celebrations won’t interfere with that too much. More on the future of the Movie Explorer “enterprise” after the New Year.

The last Weekly Puck of 2011 is coming, along with a convenient 2011 index so you can look at all 52 posts and catch up on any you may have missed. Watch this space...
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I wouldn’t wish a day like yesterday on anyone.

Woke up at 8 AM with a fever of 101°. Basically spent most of the day lying in bed and suffering, punctuated with trips to the bathroom and glasses of water so I didn’t die of dehydration. The fever pretty much abated by the afternoon, but I felt like I’d been hit by a truck all day long. The thing that really sucks about food poisoning is that there’s not much you can do about it but lie around and wait for it to work its way through your system.

Feeling much better today. I can actually sit up for longer than five minutes without feeling woozy! By tomorrow I should be back at 100% and should be able to actually do stuff!
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Sorry, but I think the phrase “Electric Boogaloo” has rather jumped the shark.

I’m feeling much better today, with no sore throat to speak of and considerably less congestion. I’m sounding much worse, as I’ve entered the “coughing” stage of my cold. I actually think I could handle a bit of walking (if not actual “hiking”) today. We’ll see.

I should be OK for weekend activity, but I do worry that, having entered the coughing stage, I’m at my most contagious.
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Summer colds suck!

I can actually feel myself getting better minute by minute, though. Thanks to occasional applications of phenol throat spray*, the sore throat has softened to the point where I can swallow without pain. Today is all about congestion and head-achiness, though the latter dissolved a bit once I got some coffee into me.

Caught up on some reading. Last night I just finished Gloriana by Michael Moorcock. The novel begs the question: “if he can write this well, why doesn’t he more often?” There’s a big “thank you” to Mervyn Peake right at the beginning, and you can kind of see the influence (what with the large castle with hidden corridors populated with weird characters). Overall, it reminded me more of E. R. Eddison, though, what with the style of characterization, the density of the writing and the detailed descriptions, to say nothing of the chapter-titling style, which comes almost directly from The Worm Ouroboros.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have my batteries pretty much charged and will be able to be a tad sociable this weekend. I promise not to get any of my cooties on you!

*allegedly “cherry flavoured,” it actually tastes like old Band-Aids™. You know, like all phenol throat spray!
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Good news: the sore throat is abating.

Bad news: I’ve now entered the snotty/sneezy stage of my cold.

Oh joy.

Since I don’t think I ought to suffer alone, please watch this:

It’s one of the most annoying songs sung by a couple with two of the most annoying voices you’ll ever hear.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
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Ugh! Feeling slightly congested, somewhat headache-y and a lot sore-throat-y today. I don’t know if it’s Dore overindulgence or leftover snot from younger Harry Potter viewers, but anyway, this feeling can’t go away quick enough. Bleah!

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