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Little Roosevelt!!!

The Grand Old Party Must Be Hard Up!

by Joseph Keppler (1887)

little roosevelt (1887)

The old belated party knights
Equip their hero for the fray—
Yes, they who fought for equal rights
Through all the nation’s darkest day
Their earlier steps would now retrace,
And bring the spoilsmen’s slavery back—
Their only objects pay and place—
Their champion—a jumping jack.

Lazy Curator™ sez: [shakes head] I really don’t know where to begin with this one.

Image shows a young Theodore Roosevelt being placed in a suit of armor. Allow me to identify the rest LOC-style: William Evarts, John Sherman, “Hiscock,” “an unidentified man,” Stephen Elkins, “Porter,” Henry Cabot Lodge, “N. Davis,” Stephen Dorsey and James Blaine (bearing “Credit Mobilier,” “Mulligan Letters” and “Little Rock” plumes, see: “The Plumed Knight”). By “LOC-style” I mean, “Don’t know the full name? Put it in quotes! Can’t identify the personage? Put ‘an unidentified man’ down as a placeholder and forget about it!”

I feel so dirty!

Also, three exclamation points? Really, Mr. Keppler?
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Self-portrait from the bayshore near Rodeo:

 photo IMG_20170320_152335_zpsoxprophv.jpg

So it’s confirmed. I start up working again at Mt. Tamalpais State Park...soon. I talked with M___ on Friday over the phone and we’ll be doing a little walkthrough of the park and a visit to the trailer where I’ll be living on Wednesday. More info as it develops.

Also confirmed: my ticket for the Moustache & Beard Contest in Sacramento in April. I’ll be competing for the first time ever! Wish me luck!
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The Fashionable Smuggler

by Eugene Zimmerman (1883)

fashionable smuggler, the (1883)

  • The custom-house officer asked him to wait a minute

  • And he waited.

  • Lazy Curator™ sez: Not a lot to say about this particular entry. Pretty cut-and-dry. However, I have gone on a long audit of past entries and underwent a much-needed update to the tags. I haven’t been completely thorough and haven’t tagged every last personage who ever appeared in one of these. I’ll let my reader base decide the demand; there aren’t any Samuel Tilden or Thomas Bayard tags yet, but if I get requests for such (or similar) I’ll go ahead and add them.

    Also, I went on an exhaustive update (annotation-wise) of this classic entry. Enjoy!
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    Self-portrait from the innovatively-named Coffee Shop in Lafayette. I swear to you, I do things other than drink coffee!

     photo IMG_20170312_154934_zpsztbgjitn.jpg

    Took advantage of the sunny weather and went hiking out to Briones on Sunday. I was down at the Lafayette Ridge entrance. It was popular in spite of the heavy storm damage to the trail. I found that if I’d just gone and taken the gravel service road I could have avoided all the landslides and junk. Duh!

    Cutting this short, but I have an interesting announcement regarding the Weekly Puck which will come up later this week. Watch out for it!
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    Fire Protection Wanted

    by Udo J. Keppler (1901)

    fire protection wanted (1901)

    The Democratic Phoenix: If they'd just keep that Bryan boy from playing around me with matches I wouldn't have to do this stunt every four years.

    The LOC says:

    Illustration shows the Democratic Party platform in flames with a donkey labeled "Democratic Party" rising from the flames as the mythological phoenix; eleven Democratic Party members have gathered around the fire to supplicate the supernatural being.

    Lazy Curator™ sez: The deeper I dive into the Puck rabbit hole, the more I realize that some of my early perceptions were wrong. By the turn of the century, Udo Keppler was coming into his own, earning a style distinct from his father’s. It’s helpful to compare his illustrating style by looking at figures both men have depicted, such as David B. Hill (foreground left) and Henry Watterson (far right).

    “Bryan” is a reference to perpetual Democratic presidential candidate and “free silver” advocate William Jennings Bryan (not pictured).

    EDIT: You know, I might just be wrong about the elder Keppler depicting Hill. At least a recent audit hasn’t turned up anything in the Weekly Puck archive. If he did do him (get your minds out of the gutter), I haven’t come across it yet. Oh well, at least it gave me a chance to update the tags of past entries. More on that next time...

    Body Party

    Mar. 7th, 2017 06:28 pm
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    Self-portrait from Sacramento’s Tupelo Coffeehouse:

     photo WIN_20170304_15_46_47_Pro_zpsnqz1d1py.jpg

    Since me moving to the Sacramento area looks to be a distinct future possibility, I’m still on the lookout for that indie coffeehouse I’ll fall in love with. And...Old Soul @ 40 Acres is still the winner for me, despite being in a rather sketchy neighborhood. Tupelo is in a much nicer area, but I’m not sold on it despite the Yelp raves. The coffee’s fine, but the “plenty of seating and outlets” I found rather wanting. Of course, showing up on “rush hour” on Saturday at a place right next to the College probably didn’t help, but the seating is a little more “communal” than I generally like. I guess it’s a generational thing, younger people don’t seem to mind sitting at tables next to a bunch of strangers.

    Also: I was in town for a reason other than the job search; it was [personal profile] 2ndbanana’s [observed] birthday, so we had a big pizza and sundae party at his house. A delightful bear-y attendance; an extremely cute guy gave me a hug and complimented me on how “warm” I was. I thanked him, then began to worry if I was running a fever! Obviously not, considering I feel just fine!

    Something new happened to me on Sunday: it was the first time I got hailed on when it was raining! Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring my hooded jacket, which did a fine job of protecting me from hailstones. I’m lucky to be in California, where we don’t get the proverbial “golf-ball-sized hail.” Tends to be about the size of rice grains whenever we get it. In any case, I lived. It was over at the Hillside Nature Area, and I concluded my hike with a visit to the El Cerrito Recycling Center’s Exchange Zone. Picked up some USB cables (mini/micro); not as glamourous as a Tascam dual tape deck, but better than nothing at all.
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    The Cantankerous College Youth

    by Frederick Burr Opper (1882)

    cantankerous college youth, the (1882)

    The Way It Is Now—“Look out! here come the students!”
    The Way It Ought to Be—The towns people to the front, or rather to the rear.

    Lazy Curator™ sez: Here’s as good a place as any to post this:

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    Self-portrait from Pinole’s East Bay Coffee, holding 12 ounces of the Elixir of Life:

     photo IMG_20170223_094710_zpsw8g89jqw.jpg

    This has been a strange week. The whole interview thing was odd. It’s for a place I don’t even remember sending an application for, there was a mix-up with the scheduling, and it’s at the State Parks office near McClellan Field. That said, I have a better feeling about this interview compared to the others I’ve had. We’ll see. If not, I understand that they’re having another test coming up soon, so I have that to fall back on if this doesn’t come through.

    In the meantime, I should call M___ and/or R_______ to see where I stand regarding working seasonally again. It’s looking like Mt. Tamalpais and not China Camp this year. Which is going to require some adjustment, but it looks fine for the present.

    Didn’t get as much hiking done as I wanted to this week. The unsettled weather kind of threw a wet blanket on my plans.
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    Wagner’s Zukunfts Music

    by Joseph Keppler (1877)

    wagner's zukunfts musik (1877)

    Lazy Curator™ sez: On display, we see the Catophone, the Wire-Rake-Oloide, the Tin-Panium, the Sic-Em-Jackionette and the Porko Melodeon.

    That last one is making me think of the Porkerina* from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and most of them make me think of the Mouse Organ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

    In reality, Keppler was just ahead of his time in his prognostication of “anything can be a source of musical sound” philosophy of 20th Century experimental music.

    Now where did I put that video of John Cage playing a cactus? Oh wait, here it is!

    As a bonus: Frank Zappa plays a bicycle!

    *The sound Joel Hodgson was referring to was actually produced by a bass harmonica.
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    Self-portrait from Kaleidoscope Café in Point Richmond:

     photo WIN_20170219_18_24_56_Pro_zpsapikbwqq.jpg

    I caught a bit of a cold this past week, so have been feeling a little under the weather. On the plus side, [personal profile] albadger took me out for Chinese food (including some much-needed hot & sour soup), then I got him caught up on Steven Universe.

    Annoying non-illness thing that happened this week: I thought my Nexus 5 had bricked. It got stuck in a kind of loop trying to power up but would keep resetting itself. I found that the solution was just to hammer on the power button over and over until it rebooted properly. Nice to know there’s a cure, just hoping I don’t have to do it again. The half-hour of using the Optimus L9 was virtually torture.
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    Untitled (Valentines for 1891)

    by Frederick Opper (1891)

    valentines 1891

    Lazy Curator™ sez: Opper was only lavishing us with a mere four Valentines this year. I’m guessing his disaffection with Puck was beginning to show, and he had one foot out the door.

    What we have here: William McKinley as “A Hayseed Hasbeen,” John James Ingalls as “An Unheeded Shrew,” William M. Evarts as “A Back-Number” and David Hill as “An Ambitious Boy.”

    As usual, my title precludes me from transcribing any more text than that. Deal with it!
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    Self-portrait from the shores of San Pablo Reservoir:

     photo IMG_20170211_135249_zpskfct4y5k.jpg

    Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I thought I’d seen the last of my job interviews from this last batch of State testing, but I received a phone call from McClellan Park up in (you guessed it!) Sacramento only this morning. So next (not this) Thursday, I have yet another interview. Wish me luck.

    Exploiting the break in the weather to get some hiking done. Not only the reservoir, though that was my first destination. The main access road to the parking area at Kennedy Grove was closed off from flooding. The waters had receded when I’d got there, but it was still closed off and had to use the alternate entrance over on Hillside Dr. You could definitely tell where the flooding had occurred, right below the spillway. If the fresh water marks weren’t enough of a tip-off, the dead fish in the road (sticklebacks?) sure were.

    I’ve mentioned Kaleidoscope Coffee and their peanut butter sandwiches in previous posts, but (on account of the weather) I hadn’t used a trip out there as a pretext to hike in the Point Richmond area before. That changed this weekend. I went out to Miller-Knox before my jaunt to the café. Photographed Richmond’s poorly-publicized “badlands” (funny, even the park pamphlet doesn’t mention them). Hopefully they show up better in this photo than the last time I tried to take a snapshot of them, with the crappy Kodak digital camera:

     photo IMG_20170212_153716_zps17ydcp8q.jpg
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    In the Republican Eden

    by Udo J. Keppler (1907)

    in the republican eden (1907)

    “Ye shall not eat it, neither shall ye touch it.”—Genesis 2:3.

    Lazy Curator™ sez: Image know what? I could go on my usual exhaustive examination of all the elements of this image and what/who they represent. You know, “Blah blah blah, George Cortelyou as a frog, blah,” that sort of thing? But I thought...why bother? The second the words “naked Teddy Roosevelt” get typed up on the screen, you people will see nothing else.

    So there! Your perversion enables my laziness.

    Isn’t this a bit of a symbiotic relationship?
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    Self-portrait from the Hercules library:

     photo WIN_20170207_18_23_15_Pro_zps61cm0map.jpg

    A.k.a.: The Tale of the $160 Sleeping Bag...

    Went to a get-together at a food-court hoard in San Francisco this Saturday. When I got back to my car, I found the rear passenger-side window smashed. The good news, really the only good news, was that the only thing that was taken was a $5 sleeping bag I was using while I was out at China Camp. Insurance won’t pay for something as trivial as a broken window, so I’m forced to fend for myself. I get it replaced Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, I’ve taped a trash bag and cardboard boxes over the gaping hole in my door, and still incurred water damage from the rain. So much for that new-car smell!

    Watched Savage Intruder from 1970. I guess you could say this was another one of those “hag-sploitation” cash-in films, starring Miriam Hopkins as a faded Hollywood star desperately clinging to the last tendrils of her fame. Enter David Garfield as a drug-addicted psycho who turns her household inside out. This is the kind of guy who thinks it’s a good idea to romance caretaker Virginia Wing with a bunch of racist jokes, so we immediately know something’s up even before he’s knocked her up. I anticipated campy entertainment when I started this and got...something that was more thoughtful and well-made than I anticipated. There’s some effectively creepy shots here, in particular the opening credits showing close-ups of the dilapidated Hollywood sign to the desolate sound of wind blowing. And there’s lots of eerie shots of Hopkins’ wardrobe mannequins. The acting is also very good, in particular Hopkins, who really nails the pathos in her character. Also fine is another old pro, Gale Sondergaard as Hopkins’ waspish, suspicious secretary. It’s from 1970, so expect some psychedelic freak-out scenes (mostly Garfield’s flashbacks to his sluttish, alcoholic mother, but also a scene where he nabs Wing, drags her to a bar and turns her on to drugs). More worth watching than I had anticipated.
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    A Surprise Party

    by Eugene Zimmerman (1885)

    surprise party, a (1885)

    A Vermont man whistled to a black bear the other night, thinking it was his dog. This corroborates what we have already remarked about whistling being a bad habit.—Exchange

    Posted without comment.


    Jan. 30th, 2017 07:20 pm
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    Self-portrait from Point Pinole:

     photo IMG_20170124_151825_zpsffyh7j98.jpg

    I haven’t been here in a while, and I’m impressed by the progress they’ve made with the “new” entrance! Looks like restrooms, picnic tables and a new parking lot have all already been installed! Haven’t checked it out from the other side to see if it’s open yet, but it looked great from the trail!

    Kind of a light activity week. Mostly just tedious stuff like automotive maintenance: oil change and fuel additive. You know, spend a little now to avoid spending a lot later, that sort of thing.

    Haven’t had any new job interviews yet, but I hope to hear from the people at the Franchise Tax Board this week. In the meantime, I keep haunting the State site to see if any new examinations have come up. Nothing. Spinning the wheels, in other words.
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    Puck’s Advice Gratis to Some Editorial Shriekers for Grant

    by Joseph Keppler (1878)

    puck's advice gratis to some editorial shriekers for grant (1878)

    Don’t forget your “Man on Horseback”—but your man on foot has too many curs at his heels!

    Posted without comment (for now)
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    Self-portrait from a new favorite hang-out spot, Point Richmond’s Kaleidoscope Coffee:

     photo IMG_20170121_152607_zpsu5lvqwfs.jpg

    Didn’t really feel like venturing far this weekend, for various reasons, so I was pretty hermit-y. [profile] bigjohnsf and Harvey (not on Social Media™) lured me into Berkeley for a dinner at Saturn Café, but that was about it. Haven’t done a lot of hiking on account of the weather.

    Still in Expectation Mode on that full-time position with the State. Had another interview on Wednesday at the Franchise Tax Board in Rancho Cordova, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. It sounds like a pretty undemanding job, but it requires a Class B license. I’m pretty sure one of their other interviewees already has one. Oh well, looks like there’s another interview coming up in the coming weeks at least.
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    The Perils of Journalism

    by F. M. Hutchins (1895)

    perils of journalism, the (1895)

    Managing Editor.—Here’s a cigar for you, Collums.
    (inspecting it dubiously).—Is this a gift or an assignment, Sir?

    Posted without comment
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    Self-portrait from Oakland’s Leona Canyon:

     photo IMG_20170114_161219_zpszclunylo.jpg

    Nothing as cool happened to me this week as finding that free dual cassette deck. Still on the lookout for a vintage solid-state receiver to replace the much-missed Pioneer SX-1000TW. The ones I saw recently at Urban Ore (an overpriced Kenwood) and Hayward EcoThrift (an even more overpriced Toshiba with missing knobs and an early digital Hitachi, also with missing knobs) didn’t cut it.

    Sunday was a long day in San Francisco, hiking around Mountain Lake again, a trip to Amoeba, then a brief stop at Maxfield’s (café) before dinner at Ken’s Kitchen (Chinese restaurant) with [personal profile] albadger, [profile] hardybear, [profile] scottasf, [profile] bigjohnsf and Jim Billy (not on Social Media™). Afterwards, John, JB and I went to Green Apple Books in the West part of town, then for dessert at the doughnut place down the street.

    There’s another job interview coming up at the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento on Wednesday. I’m not expecting much, but I figure someone’s eventually got to take the bait.

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