Sep. 20th, 2017

progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (pride goeth before destruction)

The Agony of the Assessed

Between Two Terrors

by Frederick Graetz (1882)

agony of the assessed, the (1882)

The LOC says:

Print shows "G.W. Curtis" and "Jay Hubbell" as executioners, each wearing a mask and holding large axes labeled "Civil Service Reform Association" (Curtis) and "Republican Congressional Committee" (Hubbell). Curtis instructs the "Office Holder" seated between them to "Don't Pay! or be Discharged" and Hubbell instructs the bewildered man to "Pay! or be Discharged".

Lazy Curator™ sez: I don’t know what it is with Graetz. His stuff always looks weird to me. And I can’t help but notice that the lion’s share of his front cover work happened during the elder Keppler’s self-imposed vacation. I can definitely envision a scenario in which he said, upon his return, something to the effect of, “That one fellow who’s always drawing off-model? Tell him he’s fired!”

Pondering the addition of a Jay Abel Hubbell tag, despite the fact that this is only his second appearance in The Weekly Puck. That could seriously open the floodgates. What next, George Hoadly? Jeptha Dudley New?

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