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Winners of the Winter 2007 edition of the Progbear Melodi Grand Prix, Dagmar, Peter and Anthony here offer the reprise edition of their winning song with a new arrangement incorporating the violin of Graham Preskett. You can compare and contrast with the original, stripped-down recording found here.

Slapp Happy - 01 - Casablanca Moon (re-recorded)
Slapp Happy - 01 -...
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[ profile] thornyc wraps up the Progbear Melodi Grand Prix voting:

his votes and the final totals behind the cut )

Again, congratulations to Guess who! ) for their victory, and good luck in the Ursavision contest! And I’ll see my jurors in Guess where! ) this summer, for ten new songs!
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I’m calling [ profile] zurcherart on my telly-o-phone right now:

His votes and new totals behind the cut )

Just waiting on [ profile] thornyc’s votes. I don’t want to prematurely announce the winner!
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T K and [ profile] albadger have sent me their votes. (Thank you!) They’ve been posted.

[ profile] benpanced and [ profile] zurcherart assure me their votes are pending.

bravada (not on LJ) said he regrets that he’s going to be too busy to take part. So no Polish contingent this time round. (sad face)

That just leaves [ profile] sultmhoor, [ profile] thornyc and [ profile] zbear20, who I have not heard back from despite my many annoying, nagging, pestering e-mails. What’s the story, guys?

The nominal deadline for voting was the 12th. The new “extended” deadline is the 18th. [ profile] aadroma’s deadline for submissions to Ursavision is the 25th. I wanted to have my submission ready well ahead of that but (laughs), I guess that’s not gonna happen now!
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[ profile] albadger submits his Progbear Melodi Grand Prix votes:

Voting and analysis behind the cut )
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It’s baaa-ack!

The Progbear Melodi Grand Prix comes to Tokyo, Japan! The theme this year: Voices of Women. Ten tunes featuring female artists or female fronted bands are presented. Artists representing North America, Europe and Asia are featured. Draw order courtesy of

Six of the seven jurors from last year are present and accounted for. I’ve still not heard from the no-longer-on-LJ [ profile] paddbear, so a backup juror may take part if I don’t hear from him. (I like to have an odd number of jurors, it lessens the eventuality of a tie score.) Let me know if you want to be that juror. You can not be submitting a tune to Ursavision if you intend to be a juror. Due date for all votes: March 11th, 11:59 PM GMT. Please try to have your votes well in advance of that! And e-mail your votes, DON’T post them here!

EDIT: Found the back-up juror. Swiss resident [ profile] zurcherart graciously volunteered, making it a grand total of three Europeans and four Americans this time!

All the songs can be streamed/downloaded here. More info on specific songs (as well as links to each individually) can be found behind the cut )
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“Last, I can’t believe I’m last,” saith peninsular jury member [ profile] zbear20. Here he casts the deciding vote:

Click for his votes, final score tabulation and [fanfare] the winner! )

Again, congratulations to Guess who! ) for their victory. Their tune will soon be available for download from [ profile] aadroma’s Ursavision download site, and you can now chart their progress by checking his Ursavision-tagged posts.

A final thank-you to all the jurors who took part. It’s been a blast! Incidentally, how many of you will be available for PMGP Winter 2007 Edition?
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Michigan native [ profile] sultmhoor submits his Grand Prix votes:

Down to the wire... )
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The Big Apple’s own [ profile] thornyc takes time out from his fabulous vacation to turn in his votes:

Latest votes and totals )
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First of the voting in, from Poland's Bravadaa:

Cut so as not to reveal the surprise )
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Well, live in the sense that the canned podcast is now online. The jurors have been informed, and are now sequestered in intense listening, deciding which tune should best represent [ profile] progbear Province at Ursavision. Here’s the ten songs that are competing:

Read more... )

You too can listen to the podcast by clicking this link and downloading the two large audio files. The due date for voting is July 21st. Hopefully well before that, we’ll have announced a winner. I'll continue to announce winners here on my LJ LIVE! as they trickle in.
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OK, I now have five definite jurors, one “definitely maybe” and one potential. There’s still slots open, but I don’t want to go over ten. Here’s what the line-up looks like so far:

  1. [ profile] albadger

  2. [ profile] sultmhoor

  3. [ profile] thornyc

  4. [ profile] zbear20

  5. tasosk3 (not on LJ)

  6. Bravadaa (not on LJ...maybe)

  7. [ profile] benpanced

I’ll be spending the rest of the week putting the show together. If I bear down hard enough, it should be ready by Monday. In the meantime, like I said, there’s still room for more jurors if you’re interested. Read the original post to see if you qualify to be a juror.
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Announcing The

Progbear Melodi Grand Prix

Summer 2006 Edition

Well, the Winter 2006 entry to Ursavision from Progbear province was a bit of a bust, so this time we decided to do things a bit differently. I’m assembling a panel of jurors to vote on ten songs. You don’t have to be a member of LJ to take part, you just have to like the idea of listening to ten tunes and ranking them in order of preference. Two rules:

  1. You can’t be submitting a tune to Ursavision if you want to be a juror. Conflict of interest, you understand.

  2. You must listen to all ten tunes all the way through. No skimming or short-cuts!

I’ll announce the contestants when I have a reasonably-sized jury. The music is likely to be available in radio show/“podcast” format, likely available for download from

As incentive, each juror will get a commemorative CD-R of all the songs that took part. Hope to hear from open-minded music-lovers soon!

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