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The Mulligan Guard Lies, But—Surrenders

by Joseph Keppler (1884)

mulligan guard lies but surrenders, the (1884)

The LOC says:

Illustration shows an explosion at the "Claim Agency, Formerly Republican Head Quarters" with William M. Evarts peeking through the opening in the tent to survey the damage; several small kiosks labeled "Machine Republicans Meet Here, County Democracy Blaine Exchange, Tribune Blaine Organ, [and] Friends of Tammany Meet Here" have been blown over and damaged, also knocked to the ground by the blast were "Keifer, [Blaine holding a paper that states "I Claim Everything"], Logan, W. Reid, Butler, Dana, Burchard [labeled "R.R.R."], Robeson, Elkins, Dorsey," and an unidentified man lying on the ground next to bags of "Soap". On horseback, in the upper left corner, is Grover Cleveland holding a scroll labeled "Reform", and a Puck character carrying a standard labeled "Independents", among the ranks are Carl Schurz, George W. Curtis, and Henry Ward Beecher. Strewn on the ground are papers that state "I.O.U. If we win. J.G., I.O.U. Conditional on Success, C.W.F., [and] I.O.U. If you get there, J. Roach"; and several of the downed "Mulligan Guard" hold papers that state "We Still Claim", whereas Dana's paper states "I Give Up".

Lazy Curator™ sez: Bless you, Library of Congress, for enabling my laziness. I’ve had to shoulder most of the burden of research for what seems like months now.

Having said that, allow me to nit-pick their research.

The unidentified man looks like Jay Gould. I was leaning against him, on account of the I.O.U. from J.G. which suggested he was absent, and racked my brain to come up with other, prominent long-bearded men of the period it might represent. W. W. Belknap? William Mahone? Then I remembered the bags of “soap” and made the connection. Oh, that wacky 19th century slang!

I noticed that John Kelly and Hubert O. Thompson couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person. Pity, especially in the latter case, as I know how popular he is with the Weekly Puck’s readership.

Stevie Elkins is in a precarious position. I mean, it can’t compare with this image from [another publication], but it’s amusing just the same.

The eagle-eyed who were good at playing Classic Concentration™ will notice that I’m running out of order, both in the Mulligan Guards series (there’s more than just the two I posted) and in my usual Weekly Puck running order. In both cases it’s to get in a visual tribute (however backhanded—what do you want? It’s Puck!) to John Alexander Logan, what with his life’s legacy (i.e.: Memorial Day) coming up.

UPDATE: Re-scanned this classic image, probably the best we’ve had so far from the Google Books archive, or are ever likely to get. I hear you ask, “Mike, why are you dedicating so much time and effort in the pursuit of finding the perfect scan of this particular image? Hmmm? Trying to tell us something, are you?”, look! It’s Hubert O. Thompson!

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President Garfield and His Cabinet

by Joseph Keppler (1881)

president garfield and his cabinet (1881)

Lazy Curator™ sez: Self-explanatory, a post to go along with the already-posted depictions of Grover Cleveland’s [first] cabinet and this rather backhanded image of Benjamin Harrison’s cabinet, which is clearly just a pretext to get another dig in at James Blaine. This image, on the other hand, is as “nice” a rendering as we’ve ever had of Blaine, or ever would. Pre-dating his controversial presidential bid probably helps in that regard.

Hey looky, William Windom served in someone else’s cabinet before Harrison! Who knew? Clearly not this dummy! And yes, Robert Todd Lincoln was indeed the son of Honest Abe. He even was considered as a presidential candidate at one point (as seen in this cartoon) but alas, ’twas not to be.
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Major-General Progbear made his annual public appearance in the city of Berkeley yesterday:

 photo IMG_20161031_180831_zpsn6ob8jpl.jpg

I need new shoes. The so-called “Crazy Cat Lady Shoes” I’ve been wearing to work have been reduced to the consistency of Swiss cheese, and that’s no good for the rainy season. I need new work gloves as well, they gave my hands unfortunate “wet dog smell” all last week. The rain brings with it another set of issues, namely the whole “how are you going to fill up an entire day with work with less people visiting the park?” problem. Not so much an issue with one of the sewer vaults going on the fritz, needing to do work on the trench out on the residence road in preparation for the paving company (which are finally coming to fill in the hole this week) and a cross-country race up near the campground all at the same time.

Haven’t done too much on Second Hand Goods of late, I need to remedy that. 1964 is a weird year; after the first rush of Beatlemania, it descends into alternating classics and utter crap. Like I said, weird.
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The Pyrrhic Victory of the Mulligan Guards in Maine

by Joseph Keppler (1884)

pyrrhic victory of the mulligan guards in maine, the (1884)

“Another victory like this, and our money’s gone!”

The LOC says:

Illustration shows James G. Blaine dressed as a knight, the plumes of his helmet labeled "Speakership Record, Mulligan Letters, [and] Credit Mobilier", he holds papers labeled "Aggressive Cash Campaign", and rests his left hand on the head of W.W. Phelps who is holding a sword and a battered shield labeled "Blaines Magnetism". Whitelaw Reid, wearing a paper hat, carries a standard that states "Moral Ideas," (crossed out) "Soap and Success!" Stephen B. Elkins presents a "Report" to John A. Logan and Blaine that states "Great Victory in Maine! Blaine Vindicated! Cost $265,000". Charles A. Dana sits in the lower right corner pouring "Personal Animosity" into cannonballs labeled "Personal Animosity, Spite, Mud Bombs, [and] Malice". Frederick Douglass holds a sign labeled "Mulligan Guards Blaine's Record" that appears to have drawn considerable enemy fire. On the left, "A.M. Clapp" turns his empty pockets inside out and George M. Robeson looks at an empty cash barrel. In the background, there is action at the "Whiskey Arsenal, Fort Cleveland, Polls, [and] Fort St. John", and casualties on the battlefield.

Lazy Curator™ sez: Frederick Douglass? Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Of all the people I never expected to include in this feature! Although probably for the last time, so don’t blink or you’ll miss him.

Including this for the Logan, on account of the impending Memorial Day, though it’s hardly a flattering caricature (let’s face it, you just weren’t going to find that in Puck’s pages!).
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Bidding for His Vote

by Joseph Keppler (1888)

bidding for his vote (1888)

Posted without comment (Lazy Curator™ apologizes for the Post-&-Run).
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Self-portrait from outside the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento:

 photo IMG_20160402_162305_zps0tg0rv0r.jpg

I was quite worried that my handlebars were going back to their droopy nature, but by Saturday they were behaving again, so all’s well with the world. Met up with [ profile] aadroma alongside a passel of other bears at the contest. Supported Regev through the contest, even though he (undeservedly) did not win. We wound up at an Old Sacramento bar & grill for a late night dinner.

My weekend was rather sleep-deprived. I was supposed to guest on a podcast on Sunday, but that seemed to fall through due to poor internet communication. Oh well, if it ever happens in the future I’ll be sure to let you guys know about it.

It’s typical that any time I get an important phone call, I happen to be taking a shower or am otherwise unavailable to answer the phone. Oh sure, any time I get a telemarketing call, I’m easily available, but when I get a call about upcoming employment, it deploys to voicemail before I can pick up. Oh well, at least it does seem the gears are turning (turns out, G______ down at Santa Cruz district was on vacation, and it seems she’s the only one down there who knows what she’s doing) and I’ll know more soon.

I’ll conclude this post with another photo from the contest.

Behind the cut, with some annotative text )
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Lost in the Snow

by Bernhard Gillam (1882)

lost in the snow (1882)

“Oh! Where is the White House?”

U. S. Grant (carrying a broken Grant Boom bass drum) and his buddies are lost in “Popular Vote” snow. L-R, we have: Thomas Platt (with “Me Too” clarinet), John Alexander Logan (with “Logan Bossism” double bass), Grant, Roscoe Conkling, James Blaine (with “Blaine Bluster” horn) and George Robeson (with “Jobs” trombone).
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The Old Salt Tells a Tale of the Strongest Man He Ever Knew

by F. M. Howarth (1901)

old salt tells a tale of the strongest man he ever knew, the (1901)

Two by Howarth in the same month? What can I say, I’m becoming enamored of his cartoony, big-eyed “chibi” style.

Blah blah blah, not transcribing all that text because Lazy Curator™ know the drill.
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The Parade of the Pigmies

by Udo J. Keppler (1899)

parade of the pigmies, the (1899, cropped)

The LOC says:

Print shows Uncle Sam and Columbia observing from a viewing stand on the right and a group of American military officers observing from a viewing stand on the left, a small group of elderly men parading with a banner showing a portrait of Emilio Aguinaldo labeled "Aguinaldo Our Hero".

Lazy Curator sez: Oh! Making me do my homework, eh? Who’s lazy now? Very well, it seems the viewing stand on the left is populated by:

Front row: George Dewey, Winfield Scott Schley, William Sampson (?), William Rufus Shafter
Second row: Henry Lawton (?), Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Wheeler
Third row: J. Franklin Bell, Arthur MacArthur, E. Stephen Otis, [Unknown, possibly Henry Clark Corbin?]
and bringing up the rear, Nelson Miles.

The tall, thin “pigmy” hoisting the banner seems to be Carl Schurz.

EDIT: Compare this image
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No Wonder He Was Frightened Off!

by Louis Dalrymple (1899)

no wonder he was frightened off (1899)

The LOC says:

Print shows Admiral George Dewey carrying a suitcase labeled "Dewey U.S.A.", and coming ashore where he is beset by gnats carrying signs that state "Write us a soap advertisement, This house you can't use but please accept it (Brooklyn Eagle), Invitation to attend county fair, Request for autograph, Invitation to dinner, Nomination for President, Proposal of marriage, Request to lecture, [and] Write us a war story".

Lazy Curator™ says: The eagle-eyed Weekly Puck readers with long memories will remember that Dewey accepted that nomination...briefly.
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Weighed and Not Wanting

by Louis Dalrymple (1901)

weighed and not wanting (1901)

Uncle Sam’s Balance of Trade is now the largest favored trade balance any nation has ever had in its foreign trade.

The LOC says:

Illustration shows a bloated Uncle Sam labeled "Balance of Trade" sitting on one side of a scale labeled "Commerce of the World" and outweighing the group of nations on the other side of the scale, "Greece, Spain, China, Russia, Mexico, Africa, Germany, France, England, Turkey, Japan, [and] Asia."

Lazy Curator­™ is feeling extra lazy this week, and has nothing to add.
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Accidents Will Happen on the Elevated R. R.

by Frederick Opper (1882)

accidents will happen on the elevated rr (1882)

  • As long as we have such conductors—

  • And such passengers—

  • Posted without comment.
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    Important Discoveries

    by Frederick Opper (1884)

    important discoveries (1884)

  • Old Wayup Discovers the Keyhole.

  • Cholly Discovers a New Group of Stars.

  • The Discovery of an Oyster in the Soup at Our Boarding-House.

  • The Discovery of a Rich Artist in an Up-town Studio.

  • The Recent Discovery of a Polite New York Policeman.

  • The Astounding Discovery of a Rapid Messenger-Boy.

  • Posted without comment.
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    Our National Dime Museum

    by Udo J. Keppler (1898)

    our national dime museum (1898)

    Lazy Curator is turning over a new leaf for 2015, and has vowed not to be so lazy.....

    Ha! Gotcha! Here’s what the LOC has to say about this pitcher:

    Print shows a bloated Civil War veteran sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states "How the Fatman has grown. Number of Pensioners over 30 Years After the Close of the War 976,014. Number in waiting 200,000". On display next to him is Uncle Sam sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states "The Living Skeleton. He has run behind $46,000,000 in 5 months and the Fatman keeps on Worrying him". At the base of the pedestal where they are sitting is a sign that states "What it cost to raise Him. Pensions appropriation in 1866 $13,500,000... in 1897 $142,000,000. Unless policy is entirely changed it will soon require - $160,000,000.
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    Europe’s Christmas—

    “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.”

    by Joseph Keppler (1891)

     photo europeschristmas1891_zps1acd72a0.jpg

    Posted without comment.
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    Self-portrait, in costume, from the Dickens Fair at the Cow Palace:

     photo CAM00978_zps65407f41.jpg

    [ profile] albadger and I attended this on Sunday morning. I was a little more pleased with how my costume turned out this time; having put pins on my epaulets which fastened further up on the shoulder, and bought a new pair of 13-button wool trousers. The man at the surplus store where I got them correctly guessed that I’d got them for the Dickens Fair and, weirdly, every purchase came with a free bag of granola (Well, it is Berkeley!). As predicted, bathroom visits took twice as long as usual as buttoning and unbuttoning this monstrosity was a very involved process. It’s the price we pay to look beautiful, I suppose.

    Second image behind the cut )
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    This week’s self-portrait from the Carquinez Bridge:

     photo CAM00961_zpsa7d1b9ea.jpg

    I suppose you could say my foot-crossing of one of the Bay Area’s least appreciated bridges was the highlight of my week. I had made the trip northwards to Vallejo initially to browse their surplus store on Virginia Street. I’m planning on attending the Dickens Fair this coming Sunday (anyone care to join me?) and I need to decide if I want to repair the Thrift Town pants I used on Halloween (the button came off when I took them off for laundering after a party on the 1st, and I haven’t been able to find it in the chaotic pit I call a bedroom) or splurge for a new pair of 13-button “crackerjacks” (which they didn’t have in Vallejo).

    I feel bad for “shopping” on the 28th, but I saw some CDs I just had to have. So sue me. Saturday, there was a Cal game and I did not feel like braving the throngs of football fans in Berserkeley, so I went to the café in Pinole and enjoyed some live jazz instead. I think I made the right choice.

    Rubber Boy

    Nov. 25th, 2014 05:45 pm
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    In classic [ profile] thornyc tradition, this week’s self-portrait comes to you from a public restroom, this one in the Cactus Taqueria across from the Rockridge BART station:

     photo CAM00960_zps682afe4f.jpg

    The major activity of the week was seeing a production of Little Shop of Horrors in Alameda with [ profile] albadger and [ profile] scottasf. It was immensely entertaining and, more importantly, got me away from Berkeley on a Cal football game day. We had dessert afterwards at this place called Bambú that served boba drinks.

    Speaking of “entertaining,” my new favourite character from Dragon Age: Origins is Sister Theohild, the somewhat ditzy priestess outside the Chantry in Denerim:

    An example of her words of wisdom:

    “Those who bring ham without provocation to the least of his children, are breaded and cursed by His hand.”

    It always puts a smile on my face.

    Well, I’ve put aside any illusions of finishing my NaNoWriMo book by the end of the month, since I’ve still yet to finish Chapter 1, but at least I’ve laid the groundwork. Maybe when I quit wasting time on this silly game, I could pick it up again.

    Plans made for attending the Dickens Fair have been made, in a couple of weeks. I’ll be wearing the Major-General Progbear outfit I wore for Halloween, hopefully with upgrades and improvements. More on this later.

    Suction 8

    Nov. 3rd, 2014 07:00 pm
    progbear: Major-General Progbear (My handlebar)
    Halloween self-portrait, in the same outfit from last week, at Berserkeley Espresso with the wonderful [ profile] albadger (not pictured):

     photo CAM009351_zps7851037a.jpg

    I’m generally (no pun intended) pleased with how well my Spanish-American War-inspired outfit went over. I attended a party on the Day After wearing it, and had a grand old time. Brought my now-infamous tomato-soup spice cake for the potluck. I actually arrived with something of a sick headache, but using the Mom cure of drinking a can of the provided 7-Up™ seemed to do the trick. Did a fine job of meeting people and getting together with others I hadn’t spoken with in too long.

    I’ll surely be re-using the outfit come Dickens Fair season, which is in a couple of weeks. It could still stand to see improvement. I have decided that the placement of the safety pins that hold the epaulets on aren’t well positioned; they ought to be at the thin end, not in the middle. I’ll see to that. And when at the surplus store looking for accessories, I was sorely tempted by the “crackerjack” trousers, which cost about the same as a tank of gas. I was rather glad I passed on them, as the thought of fumbling with thirteen buttons to take a leak was rather terrifying; but I ought to think about investing in a pair for future street-fair wear and such.

    [ profile] albadger told me I looked a bit incomplete without a hat, and I agree. I did see some vintage kepis way in the back of the aforementioned surplus store that would be appropriate, unfortunately a) they all looked a bit too “European” and b) I dared not even ask how much they cost. The other option would be a plumed bicorn hat. It’s funny, when you see posed portraits of U.S. Army officers with a bicorn, they generally (except for General Miles, who was a bit of a peacock) posed with it held under their arm; apparently even then they began to think they looked a bit silly.

    Perhaps costume rental is the way to go. Oh well. Next year.

    Finally got a bit of work done on my NaNoWriMo submission yesterday after two days of tumbleweeds. At least the ground work is done. I am going utterly without outline, which is exciting yet could be disastrous. We’ll see. Hopefully my new Dragon Age: Origins addiction doesn’t detract too much from my writing.

    Received my last State Parks paycheck last week. Wish me luck with the unemployment!
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    In lieu of the usual self-portrait this week, please enjoy this latest discovery: an image of my ancestor Nils-Olof Öhman from circa 1898, who happened to bear a striking resemblance to me:

     photo me10-25-2014-2_zps9d3969fd.jpg

    Speaking of “striking resemblances,” funny isn’t it how much that tree looks like the oak tree in my own backyard, wink wink. [Oops! Said “wink wink” out loud! What a giveaway!]

    A lot of the stressful post-job stuff has been taken care of. The “phone interview” from the EDD turned out to be a minute-long call, as it was really just clarification on something on my form. And the “3 to 5 PM” window had me worrying it would turn into a fruitless day of waiting, sort of like the cable or phone company making a service appointment. But no, they phoned promptly at 3 PM. Fantastic. One less worry.

    Lots of wasted time last week. As expected, Dragon Age: Origins turned into a massive time-suck. My obsessive need to find out “what happens next” has totally wrecked my sleep schedule. So much for early night/early morning! Image behind the cut )

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