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This week’s self-portrait from the South Yuba River. Not in the look-alikes series:

 photo CAM00056a_zps8ab73794.jpg

Oh, what an adventure last Saturday was. Joined a hiking group going up to the South Yuba River for swimming. The hike was a tad longer than expected but as you might guess, for the best swimming, you need to walk as far in as you can. By the time I made it home, I was sore, achey and sunburned but it was totally worth it! Not only was the setting devastatingly gorgeous, the river was refreshing in the 90°+ heat. Some more adventurous souls than I went down a rock “slide” which then funneled them into a miniature waterfall. I was content to ride a swift-moving current which channeled the swimmer between several large rocks. It was just enough excitement for me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much like Teddy Roosevelt, it was almost more than I was worth to ride the current down, then leap up at the completion and shout, “BULLY!”

It wasn’t all the “good” sort of adventure, what with the sunburn (on account of haphazardly applied sunscreen) and the foot-burn (sand gets hot when its hot outside. Duh!). Also, when filling up with gas in Dixon, I stupidly locked my keys in my car and was delayed half an hour waiting for the locksmith to come and rescue me. And we still made it to the river by 10:30, plenty of time to find a plum parking spot and meet up with my group.

LOTS of exciting news, most of it in the past 24 hours. First of all, there finally seems to be some development on the job front. I had a phone interview for a position I’ve been pursuing since April. I’d completely forgotten about it until last week, I got an e-mail about it. It’s not a lock, but they did seem pretty desperate to fill a vacancy.


 photo 2013_invid_badge_zps0e372aac.png

It seems my short video, Oscar Reviews a Film was selected to be one of seventeen lucky entrants to get his/her video shown at the Indie Video Showcase at ConBravo! 2013 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s a pity I can’t make a personal appearance, as I can afford neither the airfare nor the lodging, not to mention I don’t have a passport and can’t get one made in time. But hey, if you happen to be in the area and want to see the screening, it’s to be screened on Friday, July 26th at 8:00 PM EST (GMT-5), in Panel B.

In related Movie Explorer news, I recorded two Boss Twill dialogues with [ profile] albadger in one fell swoop (At the completion of recording his lines, Al could be heard to quip, “Your boss is kind of a jerk!”). Hopefully, the next episode will be taped this week...if I manage to get the script ready in time! Also, Al is responsible for contributing to future episodes by getting me a rather rare movie on video. Thanks!

Not as exciting, but it seems like my LJ finally broke into the top 1000 after weeks of languishing outside. I think this post was all it took. Incidentally, sorry, but in the confusion I neglected The Weekly Puck again, and I owe you two this week again.
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I’m not really pleased with any of the self-portraits I shot in Tucson, but here you go anyway:

Poolside, in Tucson

I wanted to make a big post all about my Fiesta 2013 experience, but suffice to say it was a blast. And fulfilling, as I volunteered several hours of my time to the event. I caught a bit of crud, too, which made it a bit difficult but it turned out to be mild and nothing too serious. Working the hospitality suite on Saturday definitely helped a good deal, as I had all-day access to fluids to chug down and flush the nasty germs out of my system. Incidentally, I know exactly who infected me and yes, it was totally worth it. *wink*

(Please don’t take that previous sentence out of context)

I wish I could have a big list of all the people to thank for my fantastic experience here, but suffice to say I’m overjoyed I got to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Thanks to all!

My current status behind the cut )

Looking to start up the new Movie Explorer episode once I get back home; haven’t even screened the movie yet!

And yes, I owe you two Weekly Pucks this week. Give me a break, I’ve been busy!
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Sorry for not posting much. Been enjoying Fiesta. Currently crashing at [ profile] ednixon’s as Youko charges her battery. Returning home tomorrow morning.

Weekly self-portrait postponed till, probably, Wednesday. Weekly Puck coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a grackle:

grackle Pictures, Images and Photos
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Tucson, AZ:


Jun. 26th, 2009 11:31 am
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Getting obsessed with Panoramio and the way it allows armchair travel. At the click of a mouse, suddenly you’re in Bangui. The above photo is for anyone with the misconception that Saskatchewan is nothing but rolling pastureland.

Naturally, me being me, I wind up looking for the most remote wilderness areas possible. Like the Kwadacha Wilderness in British Columbia. You don’t even have to go that far to get remote, really, there’s the South Warner Wilderness and the Ishi Wilderness right here in CA. Speaking of wilderness, here’s where I went in 1999 (I actually went to Black Rock Lake, but well, this was the closest photo to where I went, apart from one of the other lakes in the area).

On a completely different note, do you think the mayor of Uelen can see Sarah Palin’s house from here?
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As detailed in this post, I am entertaining the thought of returning to Yosemite this year, preferably in late June/early July some time. The window for reserving that time period seems to be closing...but guess what? Most of the campgrounds I was considering (at least Tuolumne Meadows and Crane Flat) are either partially or wholly “first come, first served” spots. I was under the impression that all of Yosemite’s campsites were by reservation only. So even if we don’t get in at, say, Hodgdon Meadow or Wawona, we stand a decent chance of nabbing a site at one of the FCFS campsites. I’ve heard good things about White Wolf, actually. I read somewhere it was one of the “best lesser-used campsite at Yosemite” or something in some book I thumbed through recently (how’s that for vagueness?).

Then again, it’s Yosemite. I’m sure any place we find will be beautiful and enjoyable.

Additionally, now is the time for winter hiking/camping at places that will be too hot and miserable by summer. In fact, today in particular would be the perfect day to go to Pinnacles or Mt. St. Helena, so if either of these interest you, drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do. Pinnacles, on account of its remoteness, is likely to be an overnighter; Mt. St. Helena is a possibility of an overnighter if you want to stay at Bothe-Napa Valley the night before (Mt. St. Helena is, again, remote, and the length of the hike demands an early start).

Also considering places in the Pacific Northwest perhaps for later on this summer. After my Arizona jaunt, my dreams of an Olympic hiking/backpacking trip are looking more and more do-able. I should also probably consider a trip to Grand Teton. I’m currently wearing a Grand Teton NP T-shirt I found at Thrift Town, though I’ve never actually been there!
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Sorry I didn’t get any photos from NEARFest/Bethlehem. This is from my last big visit anywhere on my East Coast trip, from my last full day there, when I visited Brandywine Creek State Park in Delaware:

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My last New York photos, from Pelham Bay Park, at the northern end of the 6 train in the Bronx:

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Me doing the tacky tourist thing after the Central Park jaunt. As you can see, I’m dressed for the occasion:

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From my walking tour of Central Park, north to south:

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Images taken from a trip on the Staten Island Ferry.

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Here’s some snaps of my Folsom St. East trip, starting with a photo of the handsome and wonderful [ profile] naylandblake:

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[ profile] thornyc has already blogged about this, but I thought I’d share my meager photos of the event. How many LJ-users can you spot?

Two more photos plus more text )
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Still having data problems on my computer, but I was able to salvage all my New York photos thanks to my SD memory card and a freeware program called Recovery. My first real outing was to the Brooklyn Bridge and environs:

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I’ve returned from my East Coast jaunt safe and sound. Thanks to all who made it such a fun trip! I am relieved to be back in nice, cool California once again, but I do get all misty-eyed and nostalgic thinking of New York now.

Friday I got my rental car, a light blue Hyundai Accent, which I proceeded to drive north to Bethlehem. In my cheapskate attempt to avoid turnpike tolls, I took the “scenic route” through the towns of Plymouth Meeting and Ambler on my way to the 309. Most of my time was spent concert-going and geeking out on prog, so I won’t bore any LJ-folks with it (but I do intend on posting in-depth reviews to Progressive Ears some time in the next couple of days).

Monday was my “spare day,” so I spent it adding a state to my “Visited States List”: Delaware. Got a bit of wilderness hiking in at pretty Brandywine Creek State Park. Despite the heat and humidity, it was quite enjoyable. I literally traversed the park from north to south quite easily. (come on, it’s Delaware! What were you expecting, hills?) The sight of the flowing creek (virtually a river) and the lush forest filled with birdsongs (some familiar, some exotic) made for quite a relaxing day.

For more thoughts on this part of my trip, I will conclude with bullet points:

  • I’m supposed to be nerding it up at a prog-rock festival. Why am I beset by inappropriate images of INAPPROPRIATE! ) Of course, I place the blame squarely on [ profile] naylandblake. He cast his voodoo mojo spell on me. ;-{)>

  • It’s a bad sign when a state feels the need to put up signs reading “Do Not Tailgate”

  • It’s an even worse sign when it’s obvious no one pays attention to said signs.

  • I regret not shopping at Wawa.

  • To prove how music-geeky I am, I got all excited when I saw the sign for Upper Darby off I-476. “That’s where Todd is from!” I shrieked.

  • The Wendy’s in Allentown on Union Ave.? Just say no! (Please don’t ask for details, it’s too disgusting!)

  • Note to self: no more sharing rooms with ectomorphic folks with an allergy to air conditioning.

  • Hawkwind’s new bass player = hawt! Lemmy who?

  • Who knew a half-hour flight could be so hellish? The lack of air conditioning sure did not help!

  • I could go on about the problems with La Guardia Airport, but I think it’s best summed up by this: in the concourse where I was to catch my connecting flight, the only place that sold anything resembling food was a pretzel stand. Anyone who’s ridden an airplane in the past ten years should know how sadistic this is.

  • How you can tell a couple is childless: when a gaggle of kids is shrieking in the two airplane rows in front of you, and the wife turns to the husband and mutters, “I feel like I’m in a nursery school!”

  • I consider it a minor victory that the only thing I lost during this trip was a lens cloth. And I know precisely where I left it!

  • Took tons of photos during my trip. They’ll be posted in dribs and drabs over the next few days.
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    Today, I went down to Little India and enjoyed an Indian buffet lunch, while enjoying the scenery. ) Followed up with a visit to the one borough I’d not visited yet: the Bronx. Followed the 6 train out to its end at Pelham Bay Park. I was surprised just how woody and wild the park got once you got off the paved trails! At about 15 minutes, you’re at the bay. Took some photos of the scenery and the WWI memorial. While sitting at a park bench I discovered, to my horror, that the seams had begun to split on the venerable white Jansport™ backpack my sister bought me as a birthday gift some years ago. So, also a day for an unexpected purchase; a solid black one nearly identical to the one I used to have, save for the colour.

    Tomorrow: back to PHL via MTA/NJT/SEPTA, then to pick up my rental car (Hyundai Accent?) and drive up to NEARFest in Bethlehem. Friday is the pre-show, Saturday and Sunday are the main concert. I don’t know what Monday brings—it’s my free day. Unless my friend/hotel-mate Dale needs a ride to Newark Airport, I may spend it driving to Delaware, adding another state to my “Visited States” list.

    If you don’t hear from me, it just means I’m enjoying myself and don’t have compy access. And allow me to take this opportunity to thank all who I met and met up with during the New York leg of my trip. It was a blast!
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    That’s what every native New Yorker is programmed to say about Coney Island.

    Really, I don’t know what it means. You mean, it wasn’t always a gaudy theme park at the beach? I do recall some woman on the subway telling her friend that the wooden roller coaster was so old, that the cars would lift off the track and slam down at the bottom of each hill. I hate roller coasters, so I never ventured to find out.

    Actually, most of my day was spent getting to know another strip of beach-front real estate: Rockaway Beach. If Coney Island is the East Coast’s answer to Santa Cruz, then Rockaway is its Capitola, a comparatively serene place where one can simply enjoy the sea and the sand. There weren’t any public lockers, so swimming was out of the question; a pity, as unlike the Pacific Ocean, it doesn’t feel like someone loaded it full of ice cubes! (I actually made the mistake of testing the water with the arm where I was wearing my wristwatch. Will I never learn?)

    Had a nice long chat with [ profile] bigjohnsf on the phone. This trip is all fun and good, but I’m starting to feel a little homesick.

    Tomorrow: time to panic and pack. We’ll see what else happens.

    Oh, and for my West Coast pals, tomorrow is Bear Pizza Night at Mission Pizza in Fremont. I can’t go, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!
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    Today was a day for being an all-out tourist. Between 1-4 P.M., I walked Central Park from north to south, from 110th St. to Columbus Circle. Definitely a wonderful civic green space, and apparently much improved from its rather dilapidated state only ten/fifteen or so years ago (at least given the great number of “Your City Tax Dollars At Work” placards all around showing what certain areas looked like before the restoration). A good place for birdwatching. Saw a night-heron at the Harlem Meer and (more important to me, because they don’t have them on the west coast) a grackle in the woods and a blue jay near the southern end of the park.

    Went to Times Square later on and O.D.-ed on flashing lights and tourist traps. I don’t think I’ll need anything like that for a long time! At least I was wearing my gaudy Hawaiian shirt (courtesy of [ profile] keanubear and Greg), so I blended in.

    Tomorrow: Rockaway Beach, perhaps? We’ll see.

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