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Self-portrait from the Marin Headlands, between Sausalito and Tennessee Valley:

 photo IMG_20170322_150127_zpsb69dto2f.jpg

So it’s officially official: I will be working at Mt. Tamalpais State Park this season. Met up with M___ and we did the “walkthrough” of the place where I’ll be living. I say “walkthrough” in quotes because it’s just a small RV, with barely enough room for walking. There also seems to be an issue with the water, so there’s even more of a reminder of my years at Big Basin. It’s OK, I have a few other irons in the fire right now, and am hoping that I’ll finally get a full-time position this year.

Crossed the straits over to the surplus store in Vallejo to get a new pair of uniform pants. My uniform allowance finally showed up, and I used the sunny weather today as an excuse to make the trip. Also combed the thrift stores there, wound up coming back empty handed on that front.

Did I tell you I found a CED player? The store I bought it at, surprisingly, didn’t have any discs* so I had no way of testing it. I found a disc of Semi-Tough elsewhere, but the test is still...inconclusive. The disc emerged from the player BROKEN, so whether it was the player’s fault or the disc was that way to begin with (it was in pretty sad shape!) is yet to be determined. I need to find a way to get into this thing all the way; the compartment on top (to replace the stylus) opens, but it looks like the actual lid is held on with hex bolts on the underside. I’m guessing RCA really didn’t want users trying to service these things!

*I say “surprisingly” because usually when people unload these things, they also drop off their entire video collection, which means a huge stack of CED video discs.
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Self-portrait from the laundromat in Fairfax:

 photo IMG_20161112_171519_zpswyufpjax.jpg

[ profile] albadger and I watched more episodes of Stranger Things last week. I really like the way this series is progressing. They did a very good job with this, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the series, which should be tomorrow. In other good TV-related news, there’s a new episode of Steven Universe coming up this week!

I was inspired to write some more Confirmed Bachelors dialogue this week. I’ve also put out feelers to an artistically talented net-buddy of mine for concept/poster art for promotional purposes. And a very nice lady complimented one of the promotional videos I posted last year, and suggested I audition for local theater. It’s something to consider.

Still waiting on that job interview. Hopefully my sending out applications will result in one. In the meantime, I have another job offer waiting for me, so it’s likely I’ll be sending out another in the near future (like: tomorrow or Wednesday). Also: Wednesday is First Aid training up at Olompali, so I’ll be attending that. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but East Bay Regional Parks wanted someone with First Aid training, so this is definitely a good career move for me.

I’m finally on my own phone line. Carol and I had been on a family plan since 2012, and just this week I went down to T-Mobile to finalize the process. Another step in my continuing march towards complete independence...

I flaked out on The Weekly Puck last week. Super-sorry about that. I’ll present you with two this week, I swear!

***sigh*** Did anything else happen this week?
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Self-portrait from park housing, showing off my new union suit:

 photo IMG_20161105_221019_zpsrl1vn1xt.jpg

I think we might be in a new golden age of television. [ profile] albadger and I started watching Stranger Things, which has gained a certain infamy for the rather gratuitous nerd-baiting and exploitation of 80s nostalgia. It doesn’t need them, it does just fine on atmosphere and character. I was especially impressed by Winona Ryder in this, she excels at portraying a woman at the end of her rope.

But you don’t need a recommendation for that, everyone’s talking about it. What you do need is a recommendation for Lady Dynamite, a highly confessional vehicle for comedienne Maria Bamford. Not only is this show extremely funny, with an appealing sense of the surreal, but it’s also brutally honest. Bamford holds nothing back with regards to her struggles with bipolar disorder and her various personal problems and battles with self-doubt. For all that, it remains a very funny show, one which I highly recommend you check out.

Lastly, I celebrated something which is fast becoming a November tradition; a re-viewing of the 110-minute Cartoon Network animated mini-series Over the Garden Wall. If you haven’t watched this yet, by all means do so while autumn is still in the air. Not gonna lie, I think this is a latter-day classic.

Had a perfectly awful time at the café yesterday. Remind me never to visit Royal Ground Café in Albany ever again! Ugh! I only wound up there because my first choice (Kaleidoscope Café in Point Richmond) had a speaker and there was no seating, so I said, “to Hell with this!” and sought another place to park my bottom.
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Self-portrait from Berkeley’s El Burro Picante:

 photo IMG_20160731_210425_zpsgngjss8c.jpg

Smiling on the outside but frustrated on the inside. Had to miss Dore Alley this year on account of work. Not like it’s a super-big deal or anything—I’m a little over events like that—but there’s people I would like to have caught up with that were going to be there, and I had to miss them. I have to miss a lot of things these days, and I regret that.

I do want to make plans for early September for a brief vacation, maybe a camping trip if I can find anyone who wants to go with. Was considering Cave Lake even though it looks like a torturously long drive, but since the water system is under repair, it looks like it’s out of the question. Maybe South Yuba River if I can score a campsite.

Next week we’ll finally be repairing a section of split-rail fence in the park that was rammed by an idiot motorist. Looks like the Visitors’ Services guys will be helping us out on that one. There’s a new VS guy working in the park that I just met, and like I said, G______ returns on Saturday.

Enjoying the new Steven Universe episodes but I’m extremely frustrated by the impatient people who insist on downloading leaked episodes and posting spoilers everywhere. Why can’t you just let us enjoy this in real time?
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This week’s self-portrait from the streets of San Francisco:

 photo CAM01303_zps4voznkmo.jpg

As you can see from the above image, I turned up at Dore Alley. Too late to have fun or anything, but I was there. Lesson learned: don’t bother unless you have the day off and can show up when people are still around.

Progress on Confirmed Bachelors is happening in exciting ways. More episode ideas, including some partially-written stuff and a tentative episode guide. I’ll be making a new update video soon, so watch my video page, and I’m making tentative plans for concept art for a new FB page for the series proper. Also working on a promo video with me playing both Charlie and Oliver. More on these things as they develop.

Finished playing though the entirety of my collection this week (more or less randomly). It went like this:

  • First song played: “Bang, en boomerang” by Svenne & Lotta, 9/3/2014, 7:43 PM

  • First album played: Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen by Anders Koppel, 9/3/2014 7:46 PM

  • Last song played: “Sì” by Gigliola Cinquetti, 7/25/2015, 1:52 AM

  • Last album played: Duke by Genesis, 7/25/2015, 12:32 AM

  • Funnily enough, with the new playlist started, Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen was the fifth album played! Anders Koppel was the keyboard player from the Danish band Savage Rose, and this 1977 album is the soundtrack to a Danish film called Aftenlandet (English title: Evening Land). From IMDB: “Made with a cast of 192 non-professional actors, Evening Land continues to explore the form of fictional documentary intervening polemically into a period of intense debates about the media, worker militancy, terrorism and the anti-nuclear movement.” Sounds very 1970s and very Danish. Amazingly, the soundtrack album is now on Spotify!
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    Self-portrait from from Pinole’s East Bay Café:

     photo CAM01119_zpsyis6e7sz.jpg

    Yech, I caught a bit of a cold this weekend. Fortunately, it happened prior to my return to work, which has been moved to tomorrow instead of today. Today will involve packing, packing, packing later on, that’s for sure!

    Still waiting for the return of my Toshiba laptop. As much as I like to complain about the MSI, it does have a few advantages over the Toshiba. For example, the CD-ROM drive/burner is better.

    Still reeling from the Steven Bomb last week. So much emotion, there’s a whole lot of density packed into this [nominally] “for kids” cartoon, it’s amazing. Worth checking out, if you haven’t already.
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    Three-hour miniseries produced for TNT, based on the Spanish-American War, in particular the activities of the Arizona Volunteers, from the same man who brought you Red Dawn. Rather entertaining if you don’t care about historical accuracy. Myself, I couldn’t help but get over how the production design team played Mr. Potato Head with the Major Generals: Generals Wheeler and Shafter had their facial hair swapped out*.

    I also noticed that General Wheeler was portrayed as a borderline psychopath. I don’t know if that was a directorial decision or just a foregone conclusion on account of him being played by Gary Busey Who was, incidentally, too chunkified by 1997 to convincingly portray Wheeler, who even at that advanced age was built like a stick-insect. Meanwhile, Shafter spends two-thirds of the film with an inappropriate Southern drawl. My hypothesis: it might have been the case of actor Rodger Boyce not even bothering to conceal his own Southern accent, rather than my joke about Shafter being from “the south of Michigan” (or being inordinately suggestible after spending one day in Tampa). I’d say they should have gone with my suggestion: have Sam Elliott play him in a fat suit. But I can’t imagine Elliott being content for playing a role that would call for him to sit under a tent and peer through binoculars while barking orders.

    Elliott is, of course, in this; you can’t have a latter-day film with anything resembling Old West theming without him. Unsurprisingly, he’s a highlight of the film: he’s one of those charismatic performers who’s just a pleasure to watch/listen to no matter what he’s doing. He plays “Bucky” O’Neill, who I’m half-regretful to say has been reduced to a punchline to a joke thanks to the Cartoon Network show Clarence (Half-regretful, I say, because it’s a funny joke; do a Google search on “Rough Riders Chicken” if you don’t believe me).

    The real reason to watch this is Tom Berenger as Teddy Roosevelt. He owns the role, and does everything you’d want to in the part...namely chew every bit of scenery in sight. I get the feeling he jumped at the chance to take the part, and begged the producers for the casting. I’m even envisioning a sort of Sean Young/Catwoman scenario with him bursting into the producers’ office on horseback, dressed in full Rough Riders uniform complete with pince-nez spectacles, waving a saber around and shouting “Bully!” I imagine the reaction was something like, “Well, he’s totally nuts and we’re scared of him, but damn if he’s not convincing. Hands up, who thought it was the ghost of the real Teddy Roosevelt when he first barged in?”

    Any scene with him is guaranteed to be watchable. It’s made even better by the presence of Ileana Douglas as Mrs. Roosevelt. After seeing so many on-screen couples displaying all the on-screen interaction of dead fish in the water, it really warms my heart to see two people with dynamite chemistry. It made me long for another, related film of just the two of them as the Roosevelts and their day-to-day lives. It made me long for a series of latter-day screwball comedies with them as the new Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. I’d pay good money to see that. Make it happen, Hollywood!

    *On second viewing, it’s like they played Mr. Potato Head with all their hair. In real life, Gen. Wheeler had a full beard, but was balding, and Gen. Shafter had a full head of hair and a moustache. In the film, it’s the other way around. Oh, you’l see when I post the screenshots. Surely, I’m the only person on Earth that would notice or care about this!

    Screen-captures forthcoming.
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    Self-portrait from...I think...Fuddrucker’s in Concord. Somewhere I ate this week, at any rate. They say the memory is the first thing to go:

     photo CAM01054_zpsf6eb7a5d.jpg many changes all at once. Thanks to [ profile] albadger I have entered the Flat Screen Age with a new (well, new to me, anyway) Vizio flat-screen TV. With [ profile] bigjohnsf in tow, we travelled to Fry’s in Concord to get supplies; like an HDMI cable (my old TV, being analog, was not HDMI-ready) and a component switcher box (so I can hook up both my DVD player and my laserdisc, and any other devices I might get in the future that require RCA cables). I love it and it works fantastically, although having to manually switch picture modes depending on what media I’m watching is slightly annoying. You’d think that would be something that they’d be able to program in to do automatically based on the received media signal.

    I understand there are some places that refuse to accept old CRT televisions but I lucked out. I went to the El Sobrante Thrift Town donation station and they took the old Zenith, no muss, no fuss. What a relief, I have enough clutter in my life without an outdated 27" TV adding to it.

    Looks like the washing machine is the next thing to be replaced. The old Kenmore looks to be on its last legs. A trip to get a new one is scheduled for mañana. Stay tuned...
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     photo The_ABC_Saturday_Superstar_Movie_Logo_1972-500x363_zps5e3a9f4b.jpg

    As previously stated, I recently acquired a pile of old episodes of ABC’s Saturday Superstar Movie. Most of these were intended as pilots for future cartoon series, but only a few of them were actually sold. And there were a handful of one-offs. Oh, you’ll see! More specific info in the reviews below:

    Tabitha & Adam & the Clown Family )

    Gidget Makes the Wrong Connection )

    The Mini-Munsters )

    Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter )

    The Red Baron )
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    This week’s somewhat disheveled self-portrait comes to you from the Hercules Public Library. If it looks different, that’s because I left my phone’s cable at home, and had to use the laptop’s internal webcam:

     photo WIN_20141117_180337_zpse866a114.jpg

    Got my first unemployment...payment this week. Notice I did not say “check.” It seems their new system is to give you a Bank of America debit card and deposit payments to that. What a way to run a railroad. It took the better part of an hour to set up the card and subsequently transfer those funds to my account. An annoyance for sure, but oh well, at least it’s done.

    My new favourite thing on Earth is Over the Garden Wall, a lovely and charming animated mini-series that aired two episodes a night over the course of five days. The amount of talent that went into this little gem is mind-boggling; the voice cast alone (Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese, Jack Jones, Shirley Jones, Tim Curry and Bebe Neuwirth among them) is one for the ages. The less said about this the better, just watch it and enjoy the magic yourself. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. No, will cry!

    I was a little bummed that Too Many Cooks kind of stole its thunder. Not that I have anything against Too Many Cooks (though it’s more plain weird than actually funny, and aren’t we over the “seemingly innocent thing transforms into a bloodbath” thing yet?) but it really doesn’t have the same substance, IMO. Well, that’s just one snob’s opinion. And I have to admit, just looking at Smarf makes me laugh.

    Speaking of viewing material, I came across more episodes of the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie. Hoo-boy! Where to begin? Well, I think I’ll begin in a separate post, because there’s way too much to talk about here!

    Dragon Age: Origins talk behind the cut, including cute dwarf photo )


    Sep. 30th, 2014 04:12 am
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    Self-portrait from the Fremont Main Library. Sorry about my rather dishevelled appearance, especially in light of my fabulous self-portrait last week. I guess the season is catching up with me. Maybe I really do need a break:

     photo CAM00895_zpse9d3202b.jpg

    Went window-shopping for TVs with [ profile] albadger at Frys yesterday. Came home empty-handed. Their tendency to deliberately feed their lower-priced TVs with lower-quality signals doesn’t help; how am I supposed to know which ones are the best if I can’t see them at their best? Obviously, they want you to buy something more expensive. Which means bigger. And space is at a premium where I live, so anything over 32" is just wasted space. Walked out with a new USB cable and a screwdriver set, but TV-less. Maybe I’ll get the Vizio I saw at Target after all.

    The screwdriver set was in order to perform some maintenance on the new lappy; it has some issue with the touchpad that causes it to freeze up, sometimes causing the cursor to disappear altogether. The cure is to remove the battery (which is fastened with a couple of Phillips-head screws) and return it after a couple of seconds. Kind of annoying, but it’s nice to know there’s a cure. There is apparently a driver update necessary to fix this problem.

    Currently in the process of moving stuff from park housing back to my home. Two weeks left of work. Its really a bit of a shame, no matter whether or not I’m working at Big Basin again next season, it looks like there will be few familiar faces returning. And I liked my co-workers for the most part. Hopefully wherever I wind up working next season, it’s an easy transition. So far, my experience working for the DPR has been very positive, especially with regards to co-workers. This seems to be a line that attracts people who really want to do this work, which probably goes a long way to explain this.

    Chakra Khan

    Jul. 7th, 2014 06:51 pm
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    Self-portrait from the streets of Berserkeley:

     photo CAM00779_zps3a8842e9.jpg

    Cool discovery this week: my co-worker C____ likes Krautrock! It happened quite accidentally as we were going together in the 1-Ton to clean out one of the campgrounds after lunch. She had her MP3 player and the FM transmitter hooked up, and was flipping through albums looking for something appropriate to play, when I spotted the cover to Can’s Future Days. She was so excited that I even knew what it was! “Most people don’t even know Can!” she said. Later on, I caught her singing along to Amon Düül II. A pity she’s on vacation and I won’t see her again for two weeks. Oh well, I have other cool co-workers, but they’re not “Hydra is laughing, she’s got nine heads” cool.

    Oh, and I finally have something I’ve wanted for quite some time: a laserdisc player! It’s a Pioneer, and I forget the model number exactly (CLP...something) but I tested it last night and it does indeed work! (I semi-tested it in my park housing, without the TV, and smelled rubber which was unnerving.) The test disc was Scissors, a campy 1991 psychological thriller starring Sharon Stone. I’ve seen this one before ([ profile] albadger and I watched it on Netflix Streaming when it was available there) and have wanted a copy ever since I read about it in Bad Movies We Love. But it’s never been released on DVD, and the VHS copy usually goes for big bucks when it turns up, so I’m quite fortunate to own the laserdisc, and have it in pretty good shape (even on my crappy Zenith CRT television, it looks great).

    I finally broke down last week, succumbed to the hype and bought The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Now a week later, I’m 150 pages in (quite a lot for me) and own the sequel. I guess I liked it. And you can bet I’ll get the third in the trilogy when it comes out. Why couldn’t Game of Thrones have affected me this way? Eh, I’ll take another stab at it when I’m done reading these two.
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    Self-portrait from Boring Old Emeryville:

     photo CAM00460_zps0c7c7935.jpg

    Little to report. It’s a lot wetter this week than it has been in a while. At least this weekend. I managed to get a bit of hiking in before the weather became too inclement, so there is that. Lots of writing, largely at Contra Costa’s public library system, whence cometh this communication.

    As you can see from other recent posts, I got a couple of free old VHS tapes from El Cerrito’s recycling center, from which I pulled stills from a vintage commercial. Considering posting the entire 16 minutes worth of vintage 1988 ads and Nick at Nite bumpers to Youtube.
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    This week’s self-portrait from [say it with me, folks] Boring Old Wildcat™:

     photo CAM00368_zps6590fe5d.jpg

    The sudden late fall chill this past week inspired me to rummage through piles of clothes to find my union suit. It was all about the layering this weekend. I know lots of folks like them, so over the next couple of weeks I need to get a self-portrait of me wearing it.

    Of late, I’ve grown quite fond of Cartoon Network’s latest offering, Steven Universe. As has been pointed out elsewhere, this is their first series created by a woman, Rebecca Sugar, who was a head writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time. It almost feels like the Zen mirror image of AT, with young Steven gradually discovering his powers, offering plenty of time for character development. The character design is cute, suggesting 70s-vintage anime like Lupin III, Cutey Honey or even Doraemon. The backgrounds are frequently stunning, most notably in the episode where they visit the crumbling aquatic temple. The show has lots of promise and I really like where it’s going, it charmed me from the very start.

    [ profile] albadger invited me out on Friday to go see a drag stage revue of old episodes of The Golden Girls. As an extremely casual GG viewer, I wasn’t terribly familiar with the material but this is one of those cases where familiarity isn’t really an issue. It was lots of fun and all (they threw in audio from vintage 80s/90s commercials in the scene changes) but...did the writing on The Golden Girls strike anyone else as...kind of formulaic? Sorry folks, I call ’em like I see ’em.

    I apologize for the new Movie Explorer review’s outstanding delay but things are starting to come together. If I buckle down and write, write, write, I could have it ready for taping by Friday. We’ll see... In the near future, there may be a live Q&A session and perhaps even a Fans Pick the Next Theme Month votey...thingy. Again, we’ll see.

    I’m also preparing my Prog 2013 review series after flaking out on it for the past couple of years, so watch this space!
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    I just discovered the 1973 TV variety special Old Faithful, starring Zero Mostel as a park ranger at Yellowstone who invites some celebrities—including Joey Heatherton (C-grade Ann-Margret wannabee) and Bobby Sherman (the Justin Bieber of the very early 70s)—to help raise money for the park...or something like that.

    For some reason, Jackie Rogers Sr.’s Swingin’ With Mother Nature comes to mind. I wonder if it was inspired by/a parody of this.
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    This week’s self-portrait from San Leandro:

    [ profile] albadger and I had a very nice dinner on Friday night at our favourite Castro Valley Chinese restaurant. It’s a good sign when the worst thing you can say about a restaurant is that I don’t much care for the font on their sign (Comic Sans, or a similar variant). We then watched a couple of episodes of Adventure Time (Al was quite taken with “Memories of Boom Boom Mountain,” especially the “petting marauders” scene) before launching into our main feature: Deadly Snail vs. the Kung Fu Killers. Which, I am informed, stars Unicorn Chan and Sam Seed. Which I am certain are real, actual names and not just fake ones stuck there by the video company just so it could say “Starring: blah blah and blah blah.”

    Anyway, the Better Business Bureau should get onto this movie for false advertising. Yes, there’s a snail, but it’s hardly deadly. And kung-fu killers? Where? I sure didn’t see any! Not to mention the box art promising “Fast, Furious Kung Fu Action” and “A Visual Feast With Exciting Fights.” We don’t get any of that. What we do get is some loser guy being treated like crap by his adopted family, when he rescues a sea snail he finds on the beach. His kindness is rewarded, the sea shell actually houses a sea snail fairy, who prepares him meals, fixes up his house and eventually marries him. Zany, I Dream of Jeannie-esque hijinks ensue until his adopted father (who looks a bit like Richard Farnsworth with Pippi Longstocking hair) has had enough and calls on a monk to “exorcise” the sea snail fairy...only the monk turns out to be a wicked sea snake demon in disguise (don’t miss the scene where he eats a whole basket of frogs!). The only scenes remotely resembling “kung fu action” turn up in the final third of the film, and they’re neither “fast” nor “furious.” Nonetheless, it was an entertaining, if inconsequential, film. I can kind of understand why many are disappointed by this film, as it’s hardly action-packed.

    I got barely any work done on the latest Movie Explorer review. Something about this current film is sapping me of my will to live. I promise to get my nose to the grindstone and finish it so that I can at least get it taped this week.
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    This week’s self-portrait from Shell Ridge:


    I’m rather ashamed of how little work I got done this week. The thing is, I made the mistake of deliberately taking a week off. I am the walking, talking example of inertia; if I ever make the mistake of not doing something, that becomes what I’m accustomed to and I have a hard time setting myself in motion again.

    On the plus side, I did get to introduce some friends to the wonders of Adventure Time With Finn and Jake so that can’t be bad.
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    This week’s photo from Fort Point:

    Pizza night, while not as “sexy” *ahem!* as it could often be, was fun. We wound up having dessert in Dublin of all places. There’s talk of having two pizza nights a month, one in Dublin (to be near the organizers’ new house) and one in Fremont. That seems a tad excessive, considering both places require a fairly considerable drive for me, but I suppose I can alternate month to month.

    I owe you guys some trip reports, as I did an awful lot of hiking last week to get my cardio in before the rain started. I made some pretty surprising discoveries, so these are definitely worthwhile.

    Also, I owe you a new Movie Explorer review. I’m sorry this one took so long but I’m actually glad that I took the extra time in putting it together; the Wolf Devil Woman review was rushed and looks it. That movie deserved a better review. This new review should be up tonight or tomorrow.

    Saturday nite I went to see [ profile] albadger in the Berkeley Actors’ Ensemble performance of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. The acting performances were solid all round but the material did a good job of making me feel really dumb. This is one of those works where it helps to already have a familiarity with the material; it’s so dense, wordy and intellectual I couldn’t follow what the actors were saying a good chunk of the time.

    Latest TV obsession: Adventure Time With Finn & Jake. It’s kind of like a D&D game DM-ed by a lovable lunatic...then turned into an animated TV show. Actually, between this, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball, CN has a pretty good roster of shows right now. If only we weren’t bombarded with constant hype-filled promos for Level Up, which I can’t even look at without thinking, “Remember kids, always recycle...TO THE EXTREME!”

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