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“Russian” daddybear from a recent commercial for M&Ms chocolate candies. With this post, I do believe I am all caught up with my posts of hawt men from recent TV advertising.

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Grumpy daddybear from another current commercial for Sorry for the bug, this was from the Youtube video, not captured off TV.
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From a current commercial series, which I believe originates from Canada (?), for SunnyD (apparently the new official name for the ex-Sunny Delight. Has “purple stuff” been rechristened as well?). There’s two of these to date featuring this fellow with the impressive red handlebar moustache. His name seems to be SNIF...? The things you discover when you step-frame through these things

EDIT SNIF stands for SunnyD National Institute of Flavour, it’s not his name. Duh!:

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Found on a videocassette I picked up at the El Cerrito Recycling Center’s exchange zone! Some of you may remember this commercial series, featuring this bespectacled Teddy bear giving silent demonstrations of Cheer detergent’s power in cold water. This commercial dates from 1988, but they continued this series into the early 90s:

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Proof that pro wrestling had not totally jumped the shark by 1992. I believe my first thought upon seeing him was something along the lines of, “Where have you been all my life?”:

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No idea who he is. This is from a Japanese TV show. He seems to be a baker from some Middle Eastern country:

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Mark Newman and Gerald Levy, identical twins (really) who were raised apart:

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You may remember me mentioning the late actor Brian Coburn in connection with the film Sword Of The Valiant. Well here he is in something good: a production of The Comedy Of Errors that aired on A&E.

I could lament the passing on of another good one, but I can’t help but lament the passing of TV worth watching from A&E first of all:

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“The Great John L.” was a pro-wrestler who moonlighted as an actor. This is from his appearance in the movie Breaker! Breaker!, a film that’s worth it for the eye candy, and no other reason whatever. Sadly, it seems that he passed on in November of last year.

Anyone making a Chuck Norris joke gets sent to Coventry:

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Peter Ustinov in the now rare 1961 film Romanoff and Juliet, a film he also wrote and directed. These go out to [ profile] albadger:

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[ profile] 42601, is that you?

Actually, pro wrestler The Barbarian ( Sione Vailahi) on a workout show with bodybuilder Lee Haney.
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This man inhaled helium from a toy balloon and talked in a funny voice. That’s it!
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This guy was in Huey Lewis’ “Heart And Soul” video for about two seconds:

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Ox Baker, in a (British?) commercial for a disposable razor:

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No idea who this guy is, but he’s pretending to be a Russian guy who speaks no English, in a practical joke on Suzanne Somers (pictured in the second still):

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Into the 90’s with a vengeance with this week’s posts:

My first impression on seeing these images was, “I can’t believe how fat he looks!” That was until I realized, Sgt. Slaughter was never exactly thin, now, was he?
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And I’d like to conclude this weeks’ RVF with a photo of a guy with a giant sea turtle stuffed down his leotard:

Seriously, I’m at a loss here. I haven’t a clue as to what this originates from! Some sort of experimental film? Can anyone elucidate? Why do I think this will descend into “caption contest”?
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Now, I distinctly recall hearing someone say he preferred Mork From Ork Robin Williams as Oliver Sacks from the film Awakenings to the real thing. I thought this photo essay would be more than enough to change his mind:

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What a difference 12 months makes, eh?

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