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The Age of Accommodation

by Frederick Opper (1885)

age of accomodation, the (1885)

Photographer.—“The negative is simply superb. Now—er—how many years back would you like to have it retouched?”

Lazy Curator™ sez: I like the sign on the wall: “Try Our Electric Lithographs and Look Lovely.”

Beware the Google™ Books© click-through. “Some Warm Summers,” the story on the same page (and its accompanying caricature) will make you cringe!
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Self-portrait from San Francisco’s Mountain Lake:

 photo CAM01432_zpsngpzqbk3.jpg

The big activity this week was going to City College in San Francisco. [ profile] bigjohnsf had me pose for a series of photographs at the studio there. He’s leaked a couple of them on [other social media] and they do indeed look good. Can’t wait to see more. As you can see from the above self-portrait, I took some time out afterwards to hike around the Presidio and Mountain Lake.

This week I’m hoping to get some much-needed, very overdue cleaning done. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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I was having an exceptionally good moustache day on Friday and had to take self-portraits right outside the house:


I’m glad my back was better this week; still some soreness/discomfort but nothing anywhere on the level of the intense agony of last week. Not needing the “old man stick” was likewise a relief.

Saturday was a memorial train ride for my father. [ profile] albadger and [ profile] bigjohnsf joined me on a steam train ride from Sunol to Fremont and back...with Thai food to follow. It was nice!

Finally managed to make some progress on the Movie Explorer/Fairy Tale Matinée review. The text is just about done. I wanted to get it taped today but it looks like I’m going to have to push back taping till tomorrow. Consider this an “extra” for Season 1. “Season 2” begins in earnest in November, after another Aural Report episode.
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Albany Hill, as seen from Ganges Avenue in El Cerrito:

Albany Hill

Weekly self-portrait and update post to follow.
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Gorgeous sunset last night:

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Spotted today at UC Berkeley’s Golden Bear Annex:

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It really exists!

Spotted at Amoeba SF. They wanted $12 for it, which was at least $11 more than I wanted to pay for it. You can get a sample of the audio contents here.

EDIT: WFMU comes through again. The whole damn album!

Waka Waka

Jul. 13th, 2011 03:10 pm
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On the sidewalk in Cole Valley:

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Didn’t get any hiking done there, but popped in there briefly on Thursday and took these photos.

Garin Barn Visitor’s Center:

Father Agapius Honcharenko:

Proper update coming soon...
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“Don’t tell Eddie Murphy. Tee hee!”


Spotted at Rasputin’s in Berkeley.

Proper update coming soon...
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Spotted on a telephone pole outside the Arlington Market in East Richmond Heights, of all places.

Reminds me: I’ve been having weird, very vivid dreams the last couple of days. Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was watching a Japanese film with [ profile] albadger and someone else, [ profile] redbackfur, I think. In the movie, a father kept jabbing his son in the eye with a pencil. Al and Paul were laughing uproariously, but I didn’t find it funny and suggested they stop it and we watch something else.

Last night I dreamed I has just moved to my new house in the Philadelphia suburbs and I was trying to decide how to adjust to my new life. Not as weird as the previous night’s dream, but I wonder what it all means...
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At the Berkeley Quickly on Durant:

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Spotted at Pride:

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And a welcome change of pace from those didactic “Stop driving, ride a bike!” signs you see all over Berserkeley:

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Particularly in water-sensitive places like the desert southwest?

Water-Free Urinal

Photo taken at the Tilden visitor’s center.
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Spotted on a car in Concord:

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Spotted at the Haight St. Goodwill, a vintage colour organ of the type once found in the back of the Montgomery Wards catalogue. Not the same model as used by the Monkees in the “Star Collector” video, but pretty damn cool. Of course it was way too expensive, particularly for an item you can build yourself for super-cheap!
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A blue spotted at Crockett Hills. Note that “Blue” is the technical (but not scientific) name for this type of butterfly.

Flora and more creepy-crawlies! )

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