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Freddy’s Slate

by Frederick Opper (1884)

freddy's slate (april 2 1884)

and Freddy’s Letter


dear puck

i thorght i woud cend you A car Toon i lik yor car Toons so mutch i woud lik To dror a car Toon my Self

this is my car Toon jim jonson ses it is Bos justis is the wooman rite UpIn the ritand cornor she is A sayen to the Monstor monopily Stan back you Foul an unprinsepeld Beest i had not gott Room for wat she Is a Sayen it is on The orther cide of the Slate

uncle sam Is sayen go itt ole gal im with you Evrey Time

i men to make Publick opinion sayen How is that for hi to the brittesh line But i fore got an It is two late now the Lines tale orto have 2 curly ques But my pensel sliped

the Man upin the leftand cornor is Not Gorge washantom it Is The inderpendant new Party i gavim a Hatchat jes for Fun i think he looks Bos with a hatchat i can make a hatchat reel good jim jonson shode me how

the puck is Pritty good i copped him From mr Kepler mr Kepler drors good i think most as good as jim jonson Some times

if you lik my car Toon i hop you will print it in nex weaks puck i am 11 leven yeres old An mos threw The speller do you think thay is aney harm in plane marbels for Keaps some fellers mars ses thay is plese cend back my slate or i wil get in Two an orfle Hot box on munday shure i am two tierd to right mor now i Am goan out to play Fatsy with jim jonson so with thease few breaf lions i wil now close your re specfel frend


p S dont fore Get to cen the slate bac or i wil cetch it worm p s i don now wether i speled curley Quues wright

Oh dear, this one requires some explanation!

I believe this was the first “Little Freddy” cartoon from April, 1884, with Opper doing a cartoon and accompanying letter in the style of an 11 year old fan of Puck. I also believe it was meant as a one-off gag. But the Freddy’s Slate segment received such a response from readers, it came to be a weekly feature. There was even an edition of Puck’s “Opper Book” just anthologizing these segments.
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As a would-be net celebrity, it would be remiss of me to fail to recommend other series I find entertaining. So, in my scanning of, I came across this show: Needs More Gay. A good recent-ish episode:

Everyone watch this show (the episodes are short, under ten minutes usually and generally witty). And tell him the Movie Explorer sent you!
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The new Movie Explorer review is up. Gay Shame Month 2 of 3:

It’s for the 1969 Komedy movie The Gay Deceivers. Enjoy!
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The latest set of outtakes from the last three reviews (Pinocchio in Outer Space, Wolf Devil Woman and The Driver’s Seat).

Youtube link pending...
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Courtesy link, in case the embed doesn’t work for you.

The Movie Explorer reviews this 1974 production from Toho Studios (of Godzilla fame). This movie posits that Nostradamus predicted reflective skies, giant slugs, giant bats and the hippie revival of the 1990s.

I never want to watch this movie again
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Suffering from insomnia? Watch the latest Movie Explorer video!

If that doesn’t work, try the direct link.

The Movie Explorer reviews the 1978 Canadian production Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, the latest in the Fairy Tale Matinée review series. A little boy dreams of being sent to the Children's Prison run by child-hating pro-wrestler The Hooded Fang (Alex Karras). Deceptively demented fare from our seemingly strait-laced neighbours to the north.
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Want to watch episodes of The Movie Explorer on Youtube? Now you can!

I think the Blip experience is much better, but I have to admit, Youtube has a much larger viewer base.
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The Story of Arch Hall, Jr.:

In which I attempt to explain to [ profile] dhpbear the phenomenon of Arch Hall, Jr. with some limited success.


Son of Outtakes Reel:

Just random outtakes and bloopers from the Picture Mommy Dead review.
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Great Expectations

by Syd B. Griffin (1891)

Great Expectations (1891)

Click image to see full size.

One of the more depressing of the “comic” strips. I’m not sure if it’s because of the sons not living up to their fathers’ expectations or because of the fathers trying to mould the sons in an image of their own devising.

One could have hoped for a bit more irony in the sons’ future careers but this is still pretty good bittersweet comedy à la Peanuts.
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Short video of outtakes from the first four Movie Explorer reviews.

Direct link in case you’re having trouble with the embed.
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From 1991, Twelve Animals is a Taiwanese kiddie kung-fu film about a young Buddhist priestess who must reunite icons of the legendary 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac to help her fight King Evil. Complete insanity ensues.

All I can say is, they obviously have a different concept as to what is considered “suitable for childred [sic]” in Taiwan.

Direct link, in case you’re having trouble with the embed
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I’m on TV! to be exact:

Direct link in case the embed code doesn’t work.

Yes, it’s a bit crude but then, so is the movie I’m reviewing. I promise future reviews will be better. I’m a bit awkward in front of the camera here but I’m sure I’ll be more relaxed in the future.

Review #2 coming soon.

Thanks to [ profile] dhpbear for his invaluable help in making this happen.
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Almost Live is a local, Seattle-based comedy TV show which runs after Saturday Night Live on the local NBC affiliate there. It came to my attention when Comedy Central acquired the rights to it for a time in the 90’s. Later on, some NBC affiliates syndicated it to show after SNL (or maybe it was just KRON). In any case, I found it funny and never forgot about it.

One recurring bit from the show that stuck in my mind was A Woman’s Place, a dead-on accurate parody of promos for a local woman’s affairs TV show. Cast member Tracey Conway is the woman on the left in these clips. The last segment of the fourth of these was the one I specifically remember as making me laugh very hard:

A Woman’s Place (One)
A Woman’s Place (Two)
A Woman’s Place (Three)
A Woman’s Place (Four)

(None of these are embeddable, sorry!)
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It’s Dutch novelty singer Nico Haak, who enjoyed a brief burst of popularity in Germany in the mid 70’s. Here he is on German TV, singing his big hit “Schmidtchen Schleicher”. I literally burst out laughing when that woman who danced with him refused to sing. Wet blanket! Actually, part of the beauty of this clip is the reaction of the German audience to this bouncy, chubby, frizzy-haired Dutchman with the David Crosby moustache.
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A classic from the classic years of SNL. And one I can relate to more and more as I spiral towards my 37th birthday:

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