progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (pride goeth before destruction)

The Mulligan Guard Lies, But—Surrenders

by Joseph Keppler (1884)

mulligan guard lies but surrenders, the (1884)

The LOC says:

Illustration shows an explosion at the "Claim Agency, Formerly Republican Head Quarters" with William M. Evarts peeking through the opening in the tent to survey the damage; several small kiosks labeled "Machine Republicans Meet Here, County Democracy Blaine Exchange, Tribune Blaine Organ, [and] Friends of Tammany Meet Here" have been blown over and damaged, also knocked to the ground by the blast were "Keifer, [Blaine holding a paper that states "I Claim Everything"], Logan, W. Reid, Butler, Dana, Burchard [labeled "R.R.R."], Robeson, Elkins, Dorsey," and an unidentified man lying on the ground next to bags of "Soap". On horseback, in the upper left corner, is Grover Cleveland holding a scroll labeled "Reform", and a Puck character carrying a standard labeled "Independents", among the ranks are Carl Schurz, George W. Curtis, and Henry Ward Beecher. Strewn on the ground are papers that state "I.O.U. If we win. J.G., I.O.U. Conditional on Success, C.W.F., [and] I.O.U. If you get there, J. Roach"; and several of the downed "Mulligan Guard" hold papers that state "We Still Claim", whereas Dana's paper states "I Give Up".

Lazy Curator™ sez: Bless you, Library of Congress, for enabling my laziness. I’ve had to shoulder most of the burden of research for what seems like months now.

Having said that, allow me to nit-pick their research.

The unidentified man looks like Jay Gould. I was leaning against him, on account of the I.O.U. from J.G. which suggested he was absent, and racked my brain to come up with other, prominent long-bearded men of the period it might represent. W. W. Belknap? William Mahone? Then I remembered the bags of “soap” and made the connection. Oh, that wacky 19th century slang!

I noticed that John Kelly and Hubert O. Thompson couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person. Pity, especially in the latter case, as I know how popular he is with the Weekly Puck’s readership.

Stevie Elkins is in a precarious position. I mean, it can’t compare with this image from [another publication], but it’s amusing just the same.

The eagle-eyed who were good at playing Classic Concentration™ will notice that I’m running out of order, both in the Mulligan Guards series (there’s more than just the two I posted) and in my usual Weekly Puck running order. In both cases it’s to get in a visual tribute (however backhanded—what do you want? It’s Puck!) to John Alexander Logan, what with his life’s legacy (i.e.: Memorial Day) coming up.

UPDATE: Re-scanned this classic image, probably the best we’ve had so far from the Google Books archive, or are ever likely to get. I hear you ask, “Mike, why are you dedicating so much time and effort in the pursuit of finding the perfect scan of this particular image? Hmmm? Trying to tell us something, are you?”, look! It’s Hubert O. Thompson!

progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (Boss Croker inflated)

The Gospel of the Knights of Labor

by Joseph Keppler (1886)

gospel of the knights of labor, the (1886)

“We work not selfishly for ourselves alone, but to extend the hand of fellowship to all mankind.”—Mr. Powderly, at Richmond

Meanwhile at rival publication Judge )
progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (Boss Croker inflated)


by Louis Dalrymple (1893)

discouraging (1893)

Weary Raggles.—Please, Mister, can’t you give me a little assistance
Mr. Newcomer.—Dig up this garden and I will give you fifty cents.
Weary Raggles.—Better keep it, Boss, you’ll need it to buy vegetables with.

Two wonky scans a week apart? You’re batting a thousand, Google™ Books!

I always love the funny names Dalrymple gives to his tramp characters.
progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (Boss Croker inflated)

“It’s a Wise Child,” Etc.

by C. J. Taylor (1892)

it's a wise child etc (1892)

  • Spigotheimer.—You pad little loafer—you git avay from here, or you git a pucket of vater shucked on you.
    Migsy.—Ah, why don’t you tell his daddy on him.—dere he his, on der corner!

  • Spigotheimer.—Ish dot your fader?—

  • —Hellup yourselfs, mein leetle frents, unt you tell your fader I vant to speak mit him on der pack door, alreaty.

  • Transcribing all that dialectical spelling always gives Lazy Curator™ a headache.

    Also: Spigotheimer makes me think of Spankenheimer. And what is going on with the splotches on his butt in Panel 2?
    progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (Boss Croker inflated)

    A Lightning Change Artist

    by Bernhard Gillam (1884)

    lightning-change artist, a (1884)

    J.G.B.—“Here y’are! Greatest repertoire in the world! — I’ll engage to satisfy every taste! — What’ll you have now?”

    Clearing the decks here at The Weekly Puck with a backlog of images I’ve been meaning to post for a while now, but just haven’t got around to it. I’m surprised I never got round to this one yet, featuring everyone’s “favourite” career politician, tattooed man and stone-throwing resident of a glass house, Jimmy Blaine, telling his constituents whatever they want to hear in exchange for votes. Note infamous railroad magnate Jay Gould at the lower right.

    I really don’t know what is going on with Blaine’s butt in this image. Based on photographic evidence and other artistic depictions, including many other ones by Gilliam, it doesn’t seem like he was especially gluteally gifted. Why, then, does it appear that he has a sofa cushion stuffed down his pants here? Off-model?
    progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (Boss Croker inflated)

    Just Made for Each Other

    by L. M. Glackens (1907)

    Just Made For Each Other (1907)

    Pretty self-explanatory; the Republican elephant (in a summer dress) and William Howard Taft share a hammock in a garden. I believe this one is based on a popular print, compare the lower left image in this cartoon. And good God! Could they make the depiction of Taft any less flattering? I know Puck was Democratic-leaning and all, but really! I am certain in real life, his butt was not that big! (though it was definitely not small.)

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