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Crowning the Successful

(Advertisement for Weber Pianos)

by Joseph Keppler (1876)

weber pianos ad (1877)

Image shows a grand piano atop a staircase, with sun rays emerging from the background and Columbia laying a laurel wreath on it. Cherubs bear shields, one reading “Tonal Exhibition United States Centennial.” A group of gentlemen and ladies have gathered round, many of them resembling famous musicians of the period (I definitely spot Offenbach and Liszt among the gathering).

I think this is only the third advertisement I have posted thus far, only the second actually from Puck’s pages. And both of those were ads for pianos!
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Capadura Promotional Trading Card

by Joseph Keppler (1880)

capadura ad

Grant: No use talking, the Capadura is the boss segar.
Hayes: I reckon you’re right, old man.
Butler: You bet.

Tee hee! “Segar.” Is anyone else imagining that pronounced on the first syllable à la Yosemite Sam?

This is the first bit of advertising featured in The Weekly Puck and, in spite of Puck appearing in the lower right corner, the first bit of artwork that wasn’t featured in the magazine proper. This was a promotional trading card that used the images of Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Butler and Ulysses S. Grant to hawk nickel cigars. There’s also a hilarious twist of irony in that of the three men depicted, the only one I could conceivably imagine smoking these is Butler; it might explain why he had a face like a potato. Grant was, of course, a chain-smoker, but I bet he wouldn’t touch these cheap things with a ten-foot pole. As for Uncle Rutherford, well, Lucy wouldn’t let him drink, what makes you think she’d let him smoke?
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Alternately, direct link in case the embed doesn’t work.

An unscripted outtake from the Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang review. A reminiscence of an accidentally surreal TV viewing experience during a trip to Toronto*.

*actually in 1993, not 1992 like I say in the video. I have the memory of Swiss cheese.

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