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Birthdate:May 9
Location:California, United States of America
Website:Progbear's Personal Page
I’m into vintage progressive-rock and furry, bear-y goodness. Hence the handle. I like to spend time wandering the wilderness when not hanging out with friends in the urban centers. Once every millenium, I even have a job. I like good art, but I like trash art (music, film, TV, etc.) a lot as well. Bad stuff can often be more entertaining than good.

I have a website, that never gets updated anymore. You can keep up with me here, instead.

A weekly feature of this journal, visible to all: the Song Of The Week.

I also have an wish list, if you care.

Back to the musical obsession, I’m also on I regularly update my journal there, to provide mini-reviews of the more obscure things on my playlist. My recently-played tracks appear below:

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20th century classical music, 8-track tapes, adult swim, afri-cola, analog synthesizers, annette peacock, aquaria, arp odyssey, asian cinema, astral projection, atari 2600, avant-garde music, bad cinema, balloons, beards, bears, big bears, big bellied men, big bellies, big butts, bikers, birdwatching, body inflation, brak, brian blessed, brigitte lin, camping, can, canterbury, cartoon network, chip's challenge, classic video games, daria, doctor who, dr. katz, dwarves, e. r. eddison, ed wood, edwardiana, electronic music, facial hair, fairly oddparents, fantasy, fat guys, fat men, fellini, fighting fantasy, filmmaking, fusion, futurama, game boy, gardening, gay bears, gay men, genesis, gentle giant, grobschnitt, hairy men, hammond organs, hats, hiking, home movies, homestar runner, i hate george bush, inflation, italian prog, jane siberry, jazz fusion, jerry "crusher" blackwell, jeunet & caro, john miles, john waters, joseph keppler, judie tzuke, kate bush, ken russell, kids in the hall, kiki dee, king crimson, krautrock, labelle, laurie anderson, league of gentlemen, linguistics, long beards, long haired men, lost vikings, lucid dreaming, magma, maps, margaret cho, mellotrons, mervyn peake, miles davis, mission hill, monty python's flying circus, moustaches, mystery science theater 3000, odd time signatures, ox baker, padding, pfm, photography, pinball, pirates, pokémon, prefab sprout, prog-rock, progressive rock, puck, radiohead, robert altman, rocket knight adventures, salvador dalì, samuel r. delany, savage rose, science fiction, sega genesis, shona laing, sonic the hedgehog, space ghost, steely dan, string figures, strong bad, surrealism, surrealist art, swimming, tanith lee, terry gilliam, the simpsons, the tick, the worm ouroboros, todd rundgren, tolkien, torgo, tori amos, tropical fish, tsui hark, victoriana, vikings, vinyl lp's, weird movies, wilderness camping, writing, xtc, yes, yuen woo ping, änglagård
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