Apr. 14th, 2017

progbear: Pride Goeth Before Destruction (1900) (pride goeth before destruction)

A Feeling Heart

by Carl Elder von Stur (1881)

feeling heart, a (1881)

Blotts.—“Why do you put your portrait in your window?”
Snobbs.—“Well, opposite is a young ladies’ institute, and as I am obliged to be away from my window all day, attending to business, I leave the poor things my picture to comfort ’em.”

Lazy Curator™ sez: I’m looking for just the right sarcastic response to Mr. Snobbs. I mean, look at him! (Yes, I know, that’s the joke!)
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Self-portrait from Crockett Hills, displaying my hair fresh with henna:

 photo IMG_20170403_131806_zpspdo3394i.jpg

Well, it’s finally over. Livejournal, I mean. I gave them fourteen years of my life, but that appears to be all in the past. Doing all my journaling here from now on, and no longer cross-posting. I’ll be deleting my LJ ere long, or at least “sensitive” posts. Don’t know if I’ll keep up with the weekly self-portraits thing. The Weekly Puck, which I just updated, is still going strong.

I have to say, I don’t feel that Dreamwidth has the community that LJ did. I mean, people do this “granting access” thing, but I can’t find a way to read their posts apart from actually clicking on their name to read all their posts at once. Am I missing something? I know that DW is not LJ, but I feel there must be something obvious I’m overlooking. Apart from that, it kind of feels like shouting into Outer Space. There’s something disappointingly lacking in communication about DW, at least that I have seen so far. Writing with no audience isn’t terribly satisfying.

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